Eagles Late Season Report


With a loss Monday night to the Washington Commanders, the Philadelphia Eagles unfortunately lose their first game of the season and cap off the first half of the season with a record of 9-1. However, this doesn’t really affect their chances of making the playoffs, let alone winning the division. Jalen Hurts, the team’s starting quarterback, has been performing beautifully this season and has been a candidate for the MVP. With the Eagles improving on 10-1, these are the things we have to look out for in these last few games of the season.

Offense: The Eagles have the 6th ranked offensive unit in the NFL. The running game was potent in their most recent matchup against the Green Bay Packers. The team capped 358 yards on the ground, with Jalen Hurts having 157 rushing yards and Miles Sanders having 143 rushing yards. Both notched career highs. It’s obvious that the Eagles are performing well and have been outperforming all expectations. Their offensive line has launched the birds to the 2nd ranking rushing offense in the entire NFL. Jalen is an efficient passer and rarely ever makes mistakes with the football.

Defense: The Eagles come in as the 9th defensive unit in the NFL. A combination of free agent acquisitions and guys who stepped up from last year are the reason this defense has taken such a massive leap coming into the 2022 season. Players like C.J. Gardner-Johnson has been a difference maker for the team, coming up with 6 interceptions through 10 games. Haason Reddick was also another huge signing as it seems he’s creating pressure every single play on the edge. Guys like T.J. Edwards, who were free agents, have been quietly keeping offenses very humble. He just knows where to be at all times, and is a guy who doesn’t make frequent mistakes. The defensive coordinator, John Gannon, calls some suspect coverage at times. Other than his woes, the defense has been rock solid.