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12 Tips for Incoming Freshman: Advice from a Senior

Alyssa Petulla, Reporter May 19, 2021

There are so many things I wish I knew going into high school, that I wasn't ready for. Things I handled on my own, but some advice would've helped. Now, everyone is different but these are just 12 things...

To stand or not to stand? Students consider the daily pledge

To stand or not to stand? Students consider the daily pledge

Samantha Morris, Reporter May 10, 2021

31 words. Every morning at 7:30 at the beginning of homeroom, the loudspeaker turns on and asks students at Hammonton High School to stand and recite 31 words that many know by heart: the pledge of...

The guide to college: advice for upcoming seniors

The guide to college: advice for upcoming seniors

Alyssa Petulla, Reporter May 10, 2021

Sending your child off to college is tough whether they are going far, or right down the road. You don't want them to go, but at the same time you want them to grow. I know for my parents it was hard to...

Fire, protests, and America

Fire, protests, and America

Matt Moles, Reporter May 10, 2021

Much has happened since last summer since the death of George Floyd on May 25th. Riots and protests have taken place throughout the country that have led to over $500 million in property damage in 1,500...

The Lefts Most Recent Power Grab

The Left’s Most Recent Power Grab

Nicholas Bonfiglio, Reporter April 23, 2021

Now that we are nearing the end of this corona scamdemic, there have been many debates on how we should be opening up, much of which is still unresolved. Many right-wing politicians and their supporters...

Dating In High School: Do or Dont?

Dating In High School: Do or Don’t?

Natalie Thomson and Olivia Wasilewski March 30, 2021

Being in high school gives us opportunities to try new things and sometimes we run into people along the way . They can sometimes lead to relationships. Let's see the opinions some fellow students have...

Zach Snyder Justice League Review

Michael Dogostino, Reporter March 30, 2021

  Michael Dogostino reviews the new version of the justice league that was released in 2017. After 4 years or begging from the fan base the original director Zach Snyder was finally able to...

How is journalism different this year compared to last year?

Maddie Queeney, Student March 30, 2021

With the Coronavirus many things have changed this year compared to last year. Something you can really see a change at the school are the stories being put out by the kids in journalism this year to the...

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