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Murphy should allow in-person graduation

Murphy should allow in-person graduation

Ashley Lower, Reporter

May 23, 2020

Senior year is what every student looks forward to because it’s their last year before reality sets in that you're becoming an adult. The COVID-19 has destroyed my senior year and every seniors year. Senior trip, senior prom, senior phillies game, senior breakfast, and most of all, graduation was taken...

Op-Ed: Current grading scale makes us look bad

In Hammonton High School, a 90 average is a B, not an A.

Jane Azuonwu, Reporter

January 23, 2020

Senior Carson Lee knows what he wants. “I want to major in computer science with a minor in graphic design.” So he enrolled in the course, AP Computer Science A, an online class offered through Virtual High School. This course teaches Java, a programming language. “I do a lot of trial and error when...

Installing Filtration Systems Helps the Environment, Health

Water fountains like the one located by the Performing Arts Center would benefit from a filtration system.

Hailey Shaughnessy and Joelle Carr

December 20, 2019

Students and staff at the school should be curious about what they are actually putting into their bodies when taking a drink from a school water fountain. What’s in our water? Information from the Town of Hammonton 2019 Report  indicate that many chemicals have been found in New Jersey water that are under the lega...

Have you been sleeping well?

Alex Biazzo, Reporter

December 5, 2019

Imagine yourself on just a blank canvas. Just a normal blank white canvas, nothing much really. However, you have the ability to do and make whatever you desire.You could be a celebrity, a liontamer, or even something surreal like a bird just viewing the world from above. Let your mind wander, it’s...

Detention Policy Needs a Change

Detention Policy Needs a Change

Sophia Groch and JC Crescenzo

November 18, 2019

It’s Monday morning. As junior Joey Bondiskey pulls into the parking lot, he looks down at his phone: 7:34. After signing in at the front desk, the hall monitor hands him that little yellow slip of paper that’s going to put a damper on his afternoon. We all know what it is: the detention slip....



Marina Mazziotto, Reporter

June 12, 2019

Relax! School's almost over, and summer's coming. Stress is over, homework is over, school drama is over. Do some nice things for yourself. Go out with friends, hang out with family, take some alone time. It's time to recharge from life. School is stressful. But guess what? School will be over by...

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