The 76ers Are Hooping Again


On October 18th, the Philadelphia 76ers kicked off the start of their regular season. The hype is real for these guys and the fan expectations are high. However, they suffered a loss in their first game. The Boston Celtics defeated the Sixers in a 126-117 final score. James Harden had 35 points, Joel Embiid had 26 and Maxey with 21. The stars shined bright. Tobias Harris played within his role, but he has to step up as a factor this season in the playoffs. This loss doesn’t affect much, obviously, but it would’ve been nice to see a tough victory in Boston to start off on the right foot. The defense wasn’t intense, but that’s just the nature of regular season NBA basketball.

The Sixers still have a lot to hang their hat on this season. Coach Doc Rivers has to galvanize these players and have them fit and ready for the long 82 game stretch. PJ Tucker and the rest of the bench have to be spark plugs for the team going forward. The bench was a glaring weakness for this team the past two postseasons. Depth is needed for sustained success let alone winning even one championship. Their star man Joel Embiid is looking to impose his will on the league and is supposed to compete for another MVP trophy. This team is built for another deep playoff run and possibly a championship.

Be on the lookout for some ups and downs during the season but overall we should expect at least a 50 odd-win season and an opportunity to win another championship. Doc Rivers has this roster poised for success.