Athlete Spotlight: Drew Fields


Junior Drew Fields (#22) is having an outstanding year so far. In his second year as kicker, Fields is making an impact,  earning 10 extra points for the Devils at this point in the season. He hopes to keep it up in their last regular season game against Triton.

How did it feel to play your first game of varsity in front of all those people? 

“It felt good to hear the crowd after I did something good, but it was also very nerve racking”

Tell me about what you learned being a kicker so far?

“You can’t get down on yourself after one miss, you win some you lose some”

Was it easier or harder than you expected? 

“Kicking was honestly easier then I thought, but when the defense is running at you trying to block it, it can get pretty difficult”

What is the most challenging part about being a kicker? 

“Keeping your head in the game, and not being hard on urself”

What has been your biggest achievement this year? 

“Saving a touchdown on kickoff, and only missing an extra point in week one minus being blocked”