Athlete Spotlight: Meloney Coulter


For senior Meloney Coutler, cheerleading seemed like a natural fit after 12 years of dance. Coulter joined the team her sophomore year, trying out winter cheer. Since then, she has participated in both fall and winter cheer, most recently serving as one of the senior captains on the fall cheer squad.

Cheer coach Ms. Stephanie Calderon said Coulter’s spirit is one of her most notable traits.

“She is one of our most spirited cheerleaders,” she said. “She is always trying to include everyone, and she brings everyone together.”

Other cheer coach, Ms. Kelsey Foster, said that Coulter encourages the team to improve.

“Meloney is very encouraging and motivational, she super great at working with all the new girls, and she is very positive,” said Mrs. Foster.

One of Coulter’s closest friends, Brianna Fields, explained how Coulter is supportive.

“She is always there for me when I need her the most.  So I know she’s always got my back,” she said.

While she is supportive, Coulter does have to be strict when leading the team as a captain.  Senior Kylie Esau cheers with her and noted how Coulter is goal-oriented.

“Meloney is a very good cheer captain,” Esau said. “She is very loud and always makes sure everything gets done.”

With only one regular-season football game left, Coulter will get a short break before training for winter cheer.