Athlete Spotlight: Christian Medina


Christian Medina (#58)

Even though it was his first year at high school, Christian Medina felt at home.

This past summer, he joined the football team. The varsity football team is a difficult team to join, especially for freshmen

“I love the team and everyone one on the team is like my family,” he said.

Although it may not have been easy for him to be a part of this team he still managed to become an important part of the team. Serving as a lineman, he is one of five players defending the Blue Devil receivers and quarterback.

The offensive line is usually made up of the biggest, strongest players on the team. Due to their high-contact role

According to Hudl, Mendia has an average of four tackles per a game with a total of 17 tackles in only five games this season.

The coaching staff is glad to have him on board.

“He’s everything we’re looking for in a football player,” said Coach Rob Raffa, one of the assistants. “He is tough and never quits.”

Medina teammates agree, noting his boldness on the field.

“He is one of the best lineman on team and isn’t scared of anyone,” senior AJ Ryker said.

But aggression on the field doesn’t define him.

“[He] is actually one of the nicest players on the team,” said senior Luis Rodriguez.