March Madness Insanity


According to the American Gaming Association, roughly 70 million brackets are filled out each year for March Madness. This year, it was no different. The chances of getting a perfect bracket are about 1/9,223,372,036,854,775,808. Although that is almost impossible to achieve, a lot of fans get pretty close.
But not this year. 2 seed Ohio State’s incredible upset to 15 seed Oral Roberts set back 99% of brackets right to failure.

The predictions for this year’s March Madness were blown out of the water within the first round. After that upset, low seeded teams like Oregon St, Ohio, and UCLA slipped through the first round.
In the second round of the tournament, 8 seed Loyola blew by number 1 seed Illinois. Syracuse beat a 3 seed West Virginia, and yet again Oral Roberts gets another win. A team that never even played in the tournament before made it to the sweet sixteen. Besides that, Kansas City gets smoked by 6 seed USC in an unexpected blowout. There’s plenty more upsets, but I don’t think anybody saw UCLA making it to the Elite Eight.

This year was one to remember so far. It’s another year without a perfect bracket, but the amount of upsets that came from this tournament was mind blowing.