Peretti discusses goals, love of basketball


Sophomore Emma Peretti is a key player for the Hammonton girls basketball team. Today, we’re interviewing Emma to get a look into her and the teams basketball season.

What were/ are your personal goals for this basketball season? 

“My personal goal this season is to finish the season with a winning record and lead my team as a captain.”

What’s a long term goal for your high school basketball career?                                                       

“I’d love to win a CAL championship title and score 1,000 points.”

What are things you want to improve on this season compared to last season?                           

This season, I really really want to change my demeanor during the game and at practice. I want to be the player my teammates can look up to for advice as well as the player they go to if they want a good laugh.”

What is your mindset going into this basketball season compared to previous years?

“My mindset is to take one game at a time and put everything I have into each game because if this year has taught me anything, it’s that nothing in life is guaranteed.”

Is basketball a sport you want in your future or is it more of a fun hobby for you?

“Basketball is one of the sports that I’d consider pursuing at the collegiate level.”

What is your biggest success you’ve had so far with basketball?

“I won the Knights of Columbus state free throw championship.”

What is the team’s goals for this season and the next?

“Our goal is to be the best basketball team in the league.”