Super Bowl 48: My Perspective


Super Bowl 48 which was played this last Sunday showed a lot about the game of football. It proved that the old saying “defense wins championships” is true.

The Seattle Seahawks, who had the number one defense in the league, were matched up against the Denver Broncos, who had the number one offense in the league. Seattle won by an impressive margin, and many viewers were shocked to see the Broncos go down in the way they did.

Anticipation for the game was high because Peyton Manning, Broncos quarterback, played like a stud all season and many thought he would exploit the Seattle defense. This Super Bowl had a record setting 111 million viewers just in the United States. The halftime show was a great one and the game went along as it did. Seattle’s number one defense and offense led by Russell Wilson, crushed the Broncos 43-8.

The game was not even fun to watch because Seattle was so dominant. The Broncos were lifeless and Seattle was able to score on a safety, kick return, and a pick six. Peyton Manning seemed disgusted during and after the game because it is said by some that he could possibly be the best quarterback to ever play the game. Many would count him out of that running because he could not seem to find a solution to what Seattle was doing.

The question raised by all is “Should the Broncos be embarrassed?” Personally I do not think they should be embarrassed because nothing went their way. Not penalties, spots, or things in the game. Unfortunately they picked a bad night to come out like that because they lost their shot at being Super Bowl 48 champs.

Other people have different views though.

“The Broncos have every right to be embarrassed because Peyton could not even score till the fourth quarter and they played terrible,” said senior Pete Lancetta.

Personally I would say the Broncos didn’t embarrass themselves but were simply out played. It seemed as if everything was going to Seahawks ways and there was nothing that was going to change that. Anything that could have possibly went wrong did and that is the reason they lost the game. Just because they lost the Super Bowl does not mean they are a bad football team it just means they are going to have to try a little harder next year if they want to come out on top.