Phillies Mediocre Start


Last year, the Philadelphia Phillies looked like one of the best teams in baseball during their playoff run.

In the offseason, the Phil’s acquired superstar shortstop Trea Turner. Which made fans ecstatic, and very excited for the 2023 season.

However, in the first couple weeks of the season, the Phillies have been nothing but a disappointment. Yes, the Phillies are missing multiple-time MVP Bryce Harper, and All-Star 1st baseman Rhys Hoskins, but that cannot be named the only reason for their 13-13 record.

So what’s bringing the Phillies back?

Last year, the Phillies were carried by their power and the ability to crush the ball. However so far this year, the hitting has been more towards average, and fewer homers.

The Phillies are third in batting average, as a team, to start the season. The Phils have an average batting average of .275.

Not only are the Phillies on the top of the average leaderboard, but they are also top five in OPS and slugging percentage.

Yet, the ball isn’t carrying as far this year. Last season, the Phillies finished 6th in homers. This season, the Phillies sit at a below-average 17th, tied with the Padres.

Being in the middle for home runs, and top of batting average seems like it should be a recipe for some wins, however, it isn’t really the hitting bringing the Phillies back.

In 2023, the Phillies have a team ERA of 4.60. This number is atrocious, and it brings the Phillies down to 21st in the league.

The pitching has been the sole reason for multiple losses this year, like when the Phillies lost 11-7, and 16-3 in back-to-back games against the Rangers.

The Phillies have had 10 games where they gave up 5 or more runs.

Star pitchers like Zach Wheeler and Aaron Nola have not been stepping up to their standards this year. After both having great years, both have struggled to begin the season.

Wheeler has started the year with a 4.73 ERA, and Nola a 5.40 ERA.

However, the pitching has plenty of room to grow.

Phillies signed former Mets pitcher Taijuan Walker to boost their rotation, and he has played up to expectations to begin the year.

Phillies also currently hold top pitching prospect Andrew Painter on their injured reserve list, and after some play in the minors could be an asset to the rotation.

Also hiding in the injured reserve list is starter Ranger Suárez, who was an important piece in the team’s rotation last year. When he comes back, he could be a very solid 4th man in the rotation.

If the rotation can pick up their game, the Phillies should be able to collect some more victories. Bryce Harper could be back as soon as the first weekend of May, but he would only be able to be used as a designated hitter.

Obviously, we are only a couple of weeks into the season, so there is no reason for Phillies fans to freak out just yet. However, the early struggles are still not what you want to see from a team you were expecting to make a World Series run.