NBA Playoff Tracker


The 2020-2021 NBA season has brought trial and tribulations to each team in the league. 16 of the 30 teams make the playoffs, and there´s some good competition this year.

In the Eastern Conference, the Sixers lead with a 47 and 21 record. Embiid´s having a MVP worthy season and other pieces like Simmons and Harris have been doing it at both ends of the court. The Nets big 3 of Kyrie, Durant, and Harden have been wreaking havoc as well. Those three all stars are going to be a problem in the playoffs this year. Furthermore, the Bucks are still stomping on opponents with Giannis´ 28.2 ppg. In addition, The New York Knicks clinched a winning season for the first time since 2013. They´re definitely a team to watch in the race for a ring.

Moving to the Western Conference, the Jazz have a powerful 50 and 19 record. In Phoenix, the Suns have a breakout year with a 48-21 record. The addition of Chris Paul to the lethal Booker and Ayton combination serves as a 3rd piece to dish passes and make space. The Clippers, Nuggets, Mavericks, Trail Blazers, and Warriors are all neck and neck for playoff spots. The Nuggets Jokic is a front runner for MVP, and players like Lillard and Curry have been shooting off the roof. Steph Curry averages 31.9 ppg, and had 85 threes in the month of April. If the Warriors didn´t have a losing season, Curry would have a very strong MVP case.

The reinging champs have seemed to fall off the wagon a little. LeBron and the Lakers have had a rough month, but Anthony Davis putting up 42 and 12 on Sunday is a step in the right direction. With a 7th seed, the Lakers are on the verge of playoff contention. If history repeats itself, LeBron James will get his team to the playoffs. But can he face the Nets, Jazz, Bucks, or the Sixers?