The Great Debate: Kobe or Lebron?


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Kobe Bryant and Lebron James on the court.

Many basketball fans have one thing in common: passion.  This passion can be seen when they wear jerseys and gear that supports their favorite team.  It is even more evident during an actual game as they express their enthusiasm through chants, screams, and taunts to the opposing team.

What’s another thing that basketball players have in common? Strong opinions. Those who need evidence of this need not look any further than the debate that currently surrounds the NBA: Kobe or Lebron?

There is usually no in between; people prefer one player over the other. There is no right answer as to who is a better player at this point because Lebron James has not played nearly as long as Kobe Bryant; however, the debate has some history to it. Some claim that until ames wins as many championships as Kobe, he can never be as good. Others analyze statistics, and some come to their own conclusion when they watch both play on the court.

“Lebron James is easily the best player in the NBA, just by the way he plays defense and the fact that his scoring is first maybe second best in the league,” said senior Matt Matro. “If Kobe and Lebron were to play against each other, Lebron would win 21-0 every time.”

Vincent Maimone, however, relies on statistics to justify his opinion.

“Lebron James averages more assists, rebounds, and field goals per game,” he said. “The only way Kobe can be considered the best is because he has won more rings.”

Some basketball fans claim  is impossible to compare the two players now, that it is only fair to compare the two players while they were each in their prime.  Many regard Lebron is in his prime now, whereas Kobe may be passed his.

“In his prime it is no debate, Kobe was the better player without a doubt,” said sophomore Dalton Attanasi.

Senior Pete Lancetta’s view on the topic is pretty straight forward; he is an obvious Kobe fan.

“There is no comparison, Kobe is the most clutch player to step on the court next to Michael Jordan, and if he gets in the playoffs he is getting a ring,” he said. “Lebron cannot clutch a game, recently while playing the 79ers he was 0-4 from the field in the final two minutes of the game when his team was down three.”

Senior Justin Harris, perhaps one of the most avid basketball fans at the school, swears on Kobe’s clutch performances.

“He has won games by himself, and when in playoffs Kobe will not be stopped,” he said.

Numbers and stats can say all they want, but when it comes down to it there is not official verdict who is the better player because it is all personal opinion.

There are some stats that just are not covered. Lebron is still in his prime and basketball fans will get a gauge on who really is the better player in the next couple years.