Chip Kelly: Yay Or Nay

Chip Kelly: Yay Or Nay

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Chip Kelly. Yay or Nay?

This football season, Philadelphia Eagles fans had to cope with a new change to the team. Jeffrey Lurie, the teams owner, made the decision to fire Andy Reid, and hire a college coach, Chip Kelly. Fans had mixed feelings about this, but most people have a positive outlook  on the season. So, I asked the students and staff of Hammonton High School to see what people had to say.

“I liked the move,” said junior Gary Marva.” Andy Reid needed to go.”

When asked what he thought on the first game, Eric Chamberlain, a high school senior was very impressed.

“I liked his fast pace offense. I wasn’t expecting it to be that intense,”  said senior Eric Chamberlain.

The main concern with eagles fans is if Chip Kelly can keep his momentum up, and continue to be a good coach.

“I love Chip Kelly as a coach, but I think he needs more experience as a NFL coach under his belt to be the best he can be,” said Stacy Peretti, an English teacher, and huge Eagles fan.

Over all, Chip Kelly has the support of the Eagles’ fans of the area. Despite his already good start, he still could improve, and that will come with experience. Expect Chip Kelly to improve, and become a top NFL coach in the future.