Boston Strongest


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A city known for its athletic dominance. A city with a history of team pride. A city that been dealt with a national tragedy last year.

This year, a city that has come out on top.

The Boston Marathon bombing had an enormous impact on the city of Boston. The city was destined for greatness after it hit rock bottom because of the horrific bombing on Monday, April, 15, 2013, killing 3 people and injuring an estimated 264 others.

With Boston being notorious for its success in all sports, the Red Sox were expected to have a bounce back year after finishing in last place in their division just last year.

Baseball coach at Hammonton High School Gary Sarno shared his thoughts on what he thought the World Series Title meant to the city of Boston.

“It was great to get a spirit of accomplishment for the community, and its neat to get a championship for the city of Boston after the tragedies,” he said.

Senior Nick Gold had some words to say about the impact the bombing had on the attitude of the players.

“They played with much more inspiration than they would in a regular season game, it was portrayed through winning the World Seres,” he said.

Freshman baseball player Matt Angeline shared similar thoughts with Gold.

“It affects the players because it motivated them to win the World Series,” said Angeline.

Sophomore Kaitlyn Sliwecki broke down the importance of a title in Boston.

“It was important to the city because it gave the citizens of Boston Something to be happy about after such a horrific incident happened to them.”

Grabbing the attention of people around the country, sports fans had a close eye on their quest to win their third World Series title in ten years, and their first since 2007.