‘Across the Spiderverse’ set to hit theaters June 2


As early as four months ago, the first trailer  for across the spider-verse dropped, giving us a few sneak peaks of what the sequel has in store for us. it starts with an older miles speaking to his mother on the rooftop of their apartment. as she talks to him, clips from into the spider-verse play, reminding us what happened in the previous movie (although, i don’t think many of us have forgotten that movie, since it was so amazing). the trailer ends with miles meeting up with Gwen Stacy, otherwise known as ghost spider, then miles getting into a fight with Spider-Man 2099, who we saw in the post credit scene in into the Spider-verse.

Then, a month ago, the second trailer dropped. This one begins with Miles swinging through Brooklyn. then, the mood shifts and becomes more tense as Miles gets into minor arguments with his mom, very different from the mood of the first trailer. Tensions rise between Miles and Spider-Man 2099. at the climax, he tells all of the other spider people to attack spiderman, which confuses them all since, technically, they’re all Spider-Man.

The film is set to release June 2nd, 2023 with directors Joaquim Dos Santos, Justin K. Thompson, and Kemp Powers. Shameik Moore returns to voice Miles. There’s also a few new faces in the cast list; Oscar Isaac, who plays Miguel O’Hara or Spider-Man 2099, and Daniel Kaluuya, who voices Spider Punk.

(featured: Shameik Moore, who voices Miles Morales; Hailee Steinfeld, who voices Gwen Stacy; and Jake Johnson, who voices peter b. parker)

“June 2 can’t come fast enough.” Wrote Moore in an Instagram caption regarding the up coming film.