NFL Playoff Picture Predictions


AFC Playoff Picture (Hunt)

Chiefs z (13-4)
The Chiefs have already asserted their dominance in the league. A few plays go differently, and this team ends with 15-16 wins. Patrick Mahomes is self explanatory as a player. He is the best, most outstanding talent in the league and has performed past expectations given the strength of his current receiver room. With the emergence of Rutgers rookie running back Isiah Pacheco, the Chiefs seemed to have covered every position with solidarity.
Bills (13-4)
The Bills are in an interesting position. They are a very good team. However, they just can’t seem to get over the hump of overcoming the Chiefs in the postseason. This team very well has a chance, it’s whether they take advantage of it and want to perform on that given day. Josh Allen has been dealing with some injuries, but he’s still the MVP level quarterback he’s touted to be.
Bengals (10-7)
Joe Burrow and his Bengals caught fire at the right time. Jamarr Chase finally got healthy and has emerged as a huge X factor moving forward for this team. Tee Higgins might be the best WR2 in the league next to Devonta Smith. This offense is simply unstoppable when the gears are moving. Joe Mixon is an elite back and always seems to find the endzone. This team will be a force to be reckoned with in the postseason.Mike Vrabel, in my opinion, should be a candidate for Coach of the Year. He is working with next to nothing. His WR1 is a rookie with a few hundred yards, and Derrick Henry has seemed to take a massive step back. Their defense has been performing but isn’t consistent nor are they reliable. They are the best out of a bad bunch.
Dolphins (11-6)
The Dolphins are that sneaky great team that could easily flop in the first round. They are exciting with freakish players like Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle on their offense. The problem is they don’t have a great offensive line or run game. Their defense is stout and they have one of the best corners in the league in Xavien Howard. This breakout season falls on the shoulders of Tua and Head Coach Mike McDaniel.
Ravens (10-7)
The Ravens are easily the best rushing team in the league by a mile when all the gears are moving. Lamar Jackson is injured, but when he returns, the Ravens will emerge as a late season threat. John Harbaugh is an incredible coach and the team can easily skip into the playoffs this season.
Chargers (9-8)
I honestly don’t know what to think with the Chargers. They’re a disciplined team who can’t protect their quarterback with a bend but don’t break defense. They’re not that great, and barely win most of their matchups, and have really dropped the ball on some of their performances this season, and it seems to be a disappointing year for them. Justin Herbert is very talented, but it’s a matter of if his receivers are healthy or if he has protection from his subpar offensive line unit


NFC Playoff Picture (Nick)

1. Eagles z (14-3)
The Eagles are a dominant team. They have the clear MVP at quarterback, and their skill players are a big part of that. Devonta Smith, Miles Sanders and AJ Brown are all having breakout years which are solidifying the Eagles offense as one of the best in the NFL. As for the defense, they are just as good. Darius Slay, Hassan Reddcik and C.J Gardner Johnson are all having amazing years. Very few big gains are given up by that defense and that is due to an entire team effort. Their only loss came to the sneaky Washington Commanders who I have on this list, but the Eagles are the clear favorite to win the NFC.
2. Vikings (14-3)
The Vikings are an interesting team to say the least. They have some amazing wins, but all in all they have had a tough time putting away average teams. I think the Vikings are a good team, but they struggle with inconsistent outings. One week the offense will struggle, but the defense will do its job. Then the next day, the offense will put up 35 and the defense will give up 45. All in all, the Vikings are a really good team but they have to fine tune some of their flaws.
3. 49ers (12-5)
I think the 49ers are a really fun team to watch. But… I think the injuries will eventually catch up to them. They have a great defense but the quarterback position is going to be a question mark. The Brock Purdy hype train is going to start to lose steam. This guy in college was a below average QB. And while he is playing well right now, I expect him to start to make some of the mistakes we saw at Iowa State.
4. Bucs (8-9)
Oh man are the Bucs having a tough year. Tom Brady and the Bucs offense are averaging 17 points per game. That is awful, for an offense that was expected to light the world on fire. I understand they have had a plethora of big injuries but I think that Tom Brady should be able to persevere and the fact that he isn’t, is really concerning. Do not let the Bucs offense get hot or else they will be really good heading into the playoffs.
5. Cowboys (11-6)
The Cowboys are an exceptional team. They have the offensive and defensive weapons but, they should not be squeaking out victories to the one win Texans, and suffering a choke job to the Jags. I think Dak has been a little disappointing but, I think he will play well when it matters. Don’t count out the Cowboys.
6. Lions (10-7)
The Lions are a really scrapy team. How could you not be a fan of Dan Campell and the Detroit Lions. They have been on fire in recent weeks, and I really do think they win out and clinch a wild card spot. Jared Goff is playing at an elite level and that defense is rapidly improving every week. Watch out for the Lions.
7. Giants (9-7-1)
This is the pick I’m least confident in. With the Sunday night win over the Commanders, I think the Giants are able to cling on to this last playoff spot after a downward spiral after their 6-1 start. With that said, I am not a believer in Daniel Jones or that offense. Beside Saquan Barkely, the Giants are really thin on the offensive side of the ball. However if they can get somewhat healthy they could be decent heading into the playoffs. Watch the Commanders sneak up though.