NFL Mock Draft (Round 1)


As the NFL Draft approaches, many fans are beginning to wonder what star college players may land on their favorite team. Hopefully, our sports writers Will Bauers, Nick Salvati, and Hunter Valentin can offer them. some guidance and expertise.

Will Bauers // Mock Draft (Round 1 on April 28th):

Rd 1 Pk 1: Jacksonville Jaguars

Evan Neal, OT, Alabama

While Neal is not regarded as the most talented player in the draft, he is likely the best offensive lineman going to the NFL this year. The Jags could definitely use him as a means of protecting their investment with last year’s number 1 pick, QB Trevor Lawrence.

Rd 1 Pk 2: Detroit Lions

Aidan Hutchinson, DE, Michigan

Hutchinson is the best player in the draft. The Lions need talent wherever they can get it. Easy decision for Detroit’s front office.

Rd 1 Pk 3: Houston Texans

Kyle Hamilton, S, Notre Dame

Similar situation for Houston as it is for Detroit, Hamilton is one of the top talents in the draft this year, and is likely a safer pick than Oregon DE Kayvon Thibodeaux. The Texans need talent where ever they can get it, and Hamilton offers them just that.

Rd 1 Pk 4: New York Jets

Ikem Ekwonu, OT, NC State

The Jets need to continue to bolster their offensive line in order to help better protect second year QB Zach Wilson. Wilson struggled though most of his rookie year last season, having yet another helpful addition to his offensive line will surely help him have a smoother year two.

Rd 1 Pk 5: New York Giants

Tyler Linderbaum, OG, Iowa

The Giants continue to have issues with their offensive line, it has arguably led to many offensive problems over the past few seasons and is undoubtedly the reason why star RB Saquon Barkley has had a slow start to his career aside from his rookie year. Linderbaum should help in protecting the pass and creating holes for Barkley.

Rd 1 Pk 6: Carolina Panthers

Malik Willis, QB, Liberty

The Panthers have struggled in recent years, largely due to poor quarterback play. This will finally be the year where they find the proper replacement for prime Cam Newton.

Rd 1 Pk 7: New York Giants (from Chicago Bears)

Kayvon Thibodeaux, DE, Oregon

Thibodeaux is an absolutely electric player with plenty of upside. The remaining “safe” options that could be taken over Thibodeaux at this point will seem like reaches. With this pick, the Giants are getting the best player on the board.

Rd 1 Pk 8: Atlanta Falcons

Kenny Pickett, QB, Pitt

The Falcons finally moved on from long-time QB Matt Ryan this offseason, trading him to the Indianapolis Colts. They signed Marcus Mariota over the offseason as well, but he does not offer much potential as a long-term replacement for Ryan. The Falcons go and get their next potential face of the franchise with this pick.

Rd 1 Pk 9: Seattle Seahawks (from Denver Broncos)

Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, CB, Cincinnati

The Seahawks have officially entered rebuild mode and need improvement in multiple positions. With Gardner, they secure an elite talent, possibly the best guy on the board at this point, and address a position of need.

Rd 1 Pk 10: New York Jets (from Seattle Seahawks)

Derek Stingley Jr., CB, LSU

The Jets have made significant progress in building up their team in recent years, but are a few key pieces away from playoff contention. Corner has been an area that they have struggled in, Stingley Jr. should help them out significantly in this area.

Rd 1 Pk 11: Washington Commanders

Charles Cross, OT, Mississippi State

As the Commanders sign Carson Wentz as he looks to get his career back on track, they will look to protect him in his first season in Washington. They lost Brandon Scherff in free agency, and will need to find a replacement on top of protecting Wentz. Cross is their guy for this need.

Rd 1 Pk 12: Minnesota Vikings

Travon Walker, DE, Georgia

The Vikings have finished below expectations the past couple of seasons, and are likely a few pieces of the puzzle away from being able to make a deep playoff run. There are a few positions that they could address with this pick, but the need for an effective edge rusher will take precedence due to Walker’s talent.

Rd 1 Pk 13: Houston Texans (from Cleveland Browns)

Garret Wilson, WR, Ohio State

The Texans have needed help at receiver ever since they (foolishly) traded away DeAndre Hopkins to the Cardinals. They get a new Number 1 receiver with Wilson, who will likely become Number 1 after a season or two, replacing Brandin Cooks in that role.

Rd 1 Pk 14: Baltimore Ravens

Trevor Penning, OT, Northern Iowa

The Ravens have a highly mobile QB with Lamar Jackson and lost important O-line depth with Bradley Bozeman going to the Panthers. They get protection and a replacement with Penning.

Rd 1 Pk 15: Philadelphia Eagles (from Miami Dolphins)

Devin Lloyd, LB, Utah

The Eagles have needed a linebacker desperately for several years now, but the need for a receiver has taken precedence over the past couple of years for them. Now that the Birds have their stud receiver with DeVonta Smith, they can go get their star linebacker the franchise has needed for some time now.

Rd 1 Pk 16: New Orleans Saints (from Indianapolis Colts through Philadelphia Eagles)

Drake London, WR, USC

The Saints have had a solid receiver on their roster for some time now with Michael Thomas, but he has struggled for the past couple of seasons and has had issues with the franchise. The Saints also appear to be all-in with QB Jameis Winston, and he will need reliable targets if he is to have success. The Saints get their next star receiver with London, and start to give Winston the tools he needs to succeed.

TRADE: The Green Bay Packers swap their 22nd pick with the Chargers and give LA a third round pick as well. The Chargers are already a very complete team and gain an extra pick for only moving back 5 spots. They could use a bigger bolster in the O-line, but the very top prospects there will be gone by now. The Packers desperately need help at wide receiver, which will likely have multiple top prospects taken by pick 22, so they jump ahead to get the most elite WR possible.

Rd 1 Pk 17: Green Bay Packers (from Los Angeles Chargers through Las Vegas Raiders)

Jameson Williams, WR, Alabama

As explained before, the Packers need help at WR, especially since Davante Adams was traded to the Raiders. They jump up to get the best WR talent available for Aaron Rodgers to throw to.

Rd 1 Pk 18: Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans Saints)

Chris Olave, WR, Ohio State

The Eagles may have been able to land DeVonta Smith in 2021, but they still need more help at receiver. They get a solid number 2 receiver with Olave and give Jalen Hurts an additional solid target to throw to.

Rd 1 Pk 19: New Orleans Saints (from Philadelphia Eagles)

Zion Johnson, OG, Boston College

The Saints lost important O-line depth with Terron Armstead going to the Dolphins. They add to their O-line with a solid prospect in Johnson.

Rd 1 Pk 20: Pittsburgh Steelers

Matt Corral, QB, Ole Miss

Corral is the best QB in this draft class, he only falls this far due to his torn ACL in the Sugar Bowl. The Steelers get their new face of the franchise with Corral.

TRADE: The Cincinnati Bengals swap their 31st pick with the Patriots and give up a 4th round pick. The Patriots have solid depth throughout most of their team, they get an extra pick and still get a first rounder out of it. The Bengals need O-Line help and will want to get whoever the top prospect is, no matter if it will be seen as a reach.

Rd 1 Pk 21: Cincinnati Bengals (from New England Patriots)

Kenyon Green, OG, Texas A&M

The Bengals need O-line help badly. They get Joe Burrow extra protection with Green and a solid prospect.

Rd 1 Pk 22: Los Angeles Chargers (from Green Bay Packers through Las Vegas Raiders)

Bernhard Raimann, OT, Central Michigan

The Chargers address the one area that they could still use work on with with this pick. Justin Herbert gets protection and the Chargers get even more complete.

Rd 1 Pk 23: Arizona Cardinals

Jermaine Johnson II, DE, Florida State

The Cardinal’s star DE J.J. Watt is beginning to age, and his injury last season undoubtedly hurt the Cardinals later in the season and in the playoffs. By getting Johnson, they stack the deck at DE when Watt is healthy, and stay solid if he happens to get hurt.

Rd 1 Pk 24: Dallas Cowboys

Treylon Burks, WR, Arkansas

In true Cowboys fashion, they take the highest rated offensive weapon available. They also are able to replace Amari Cooper for a cheaper price.

Rd 1 Pk 25: Buffalo Bills

Kenneth Walker III, RB, Michigan State

The Bills have lacked a true RB1 for some time now. They get that with Walker and can now introduce a deadly running game on top of Josh Allen’s mobility along with their incredible passing game.

Rd 1 Pk 26: Tennessee Titans

Jordan Davis, DT, Georgia

The big man finally gets selected after falling further than expected. The Titans add to their defense in an area of need. Easy pick for Tennessee’s front office at this point in the first round.

Rd 1 Pk 27: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Trent McDuffie, CB, Washington

Tampa Bay is solid on almost every front, they could still use some bolstering at CB though, as their secondary was burned many times throughout last season by several receivers. They look to fix that issue with this pick.

Rd 1 Pk 28: Green Bay Packers

Nakobe Dean, LB, Georgia

The Packers’ defense took a blow when they lost Za’darius Smith, they look to try to replace him and bolster their defense with this pick as they will be getting a solid prospect with Dean.

Rd 1 Pk 29: Kansas City Chiefs (from San Francisco 49ers through Miami Dolphins)

Jahan Dotson, WR, Penn State

The Chiefs traded Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins during this offseason, dealing a huge blow to their offense. They also lost Byron Pringle and Demarcus Robinson as well. They signed JuJu Smith-Schuster and Marquez Valdes-Scantling during free agency, and although they are solid receivers, they will not make up for the loss of these key players. The Chiefs draft Dotson and get an incredible prospect and a potentially solid replacement for their lost receivers, Hill in particular. Dotson went to the best college in the world as well, so he has that going for him too.

Rd 1 Pk 30: Kansas City Chiefs

Andrew Booth Jr., CB, Clemson

The Chiefs have been in the process of trying to improve their defense for some time now, and corner has become an important issue especially now due to the loss of Charvarius Ward. The Chiefs get a promising prospect for their defense and a much needed replacement for Ward.

Rd 1 Pk 31: New England Patriots (from Cincinnati Bengals)

George Pickens, WR, Georgia

The Patriots have a lot of depth at receiver, but they lack superstar talent in that area, and they get that with Pickens. Pickens would arguably be the first receiver off of the board if he had not missed virtually all of last season. The Patriots get a superstar player and Pickens gets to go to a competent franchise, a win for both parties. Some may say that the Patriots could use help on the offensive line, but the potential first round prospects in that area will be picked clean by now, so drafting Pickens should be an easy decision to make.

Rd 1 Pk 32: Detroit Lions (from Los Angeles Rams)

Desmond Ridder, QB, Cincinnati

The Jared Goff experiment has failed for Detroit, he was unable to fill Matthew Stafford’s shoes last year. The Lions look to capture their new franchise star with Ridder, with hopes that he can finally make them have success.

There you have it, my first round NFL Mock Draft. We’ll see how I did come Thursday night. Round 1 starts at 8:00 PM on ABC, ESPN, NFL Network, and ESPN Deportes.

Hunter Valentin // Picks

#1, Jacksonville Jaguars: Kayvon Thibodeaux, EDGE, Oregon

Standing at 6’5”, 258 pounds Thibodeaux isn’t your average pass rusher. The guy is a generational talent and should not fall without the top 5 range.

#2, Detroit Lions: Aidan Hutchinson, EDGE, Michigan

Being a Michigan alum, and also a generational talent, Hutchinson fits perfectly as a Detroit Lion.

#3 Houston Texans: Evan Neal, OT, Alabama

Evan Neal is a 6’7” 350 pound super lineman out of Alabama. This is a homerun move for the Texans since their offensive line isn’t great while their running backs are widely average.

#4 New York Jets: Kyle Hamilton, S, Notre Dame

Kyle Hamilton isn’t just a safety, he’s a defensive weapon and gets all over the field when playing. The Jets just lost Marcus Maye to free agency and will be looking to have that next dominant safety come in after Maye and Adams moved on.

#5 New York Giants: Ickey Ekwonu, OT, NC State

Ekwonu is either the #1 or #2 on all of the experts draft boards. Neal was already chosen, so the Giants settle with Ickey here. However, he is a phenomenal player as well as Neal is.

#6 Carolina Pamthers: Charles Cross, OT, Mississippi State

The Panthers need a couple of positions, but if they want their offense to flow better with Darnold behind center, they need all the protection they can get. Cross is a good fit and a great prospect to build a young offensive line around.

#7 New York Giants: Derek Stingley Jr., CB, LSU

Giants need receivers and defensive backs badly. Stingley is a can’t miss prospect and was a lockdown cornerback in the SEC. An elite player the Giants are getting at pick 7.

#8 Atlanta Falcons: Garrett Wilson, WR, Ohio State

The talent from Garrett Wilson is undeniable. He shows a ton of explosiveness in his game and plays way bigger than his size. A true generational talent at receiver and a real top 10 prospect.

#9 Seattle Seahawks: Sauce Gardner, CB, Cincinnati

Sauce Gardner is just as good as Stingley, but has the height advantage over him as he is almost 6’3”. Another generational talent at the corner position and a guy who’s going to be your #1 for 7-10 years.

#10 New York Jets: Chris Olave, WR, Ohio State

The Jets need offensive firepower and already drafted a defensive back. This is a safe but solid pick for them.

#11 Washington Commanders: Nakobe Dean, ILB, Georgia

Washington has been longing for a cornerstone defensive player. They hoped for that to be Chase Young over the past couple of seasons, but the team’s been bad and he was mostly out with injury. Dean is the best linebacker in the draft and Washington should take advantage.

#12 Minnesota Vikings: Jordan Davis, DT, Georgia

The Vikings are a well-built team, and Jordan Davis holding down the trenches in that defensive line will make the Vikings a better squad.

#13 Houston Texans: Matt Corral, QB, Ole Miss

The Texans take a flyer with this pick. Corral has a great arm but a small physical stature. He’s quick on his reads, a twitchy runner, a great athlete, and dominated in the best conference in college football last season. He has the talent and could become the Texans starter over young QB Davis Mills.

#14 Baltimore Ravens: Perrion Winfrey, DT, Oklahoma

A very underrated defensive tackles goes to the Ravens. He’s not quite a Jordan Davis, but Winfrey has a high motor and will get the job done out of Oklahoma.

#15 Philadelphia Eagles: Jameson Williams, WR, Alabama

Philadelphia looks to solidify their receiver room with this pick. Williams is incredibly fast with the ball, hard to bring down, runs great routes, and is a tough tackle.

#16: New Orleans Saints: Trent McDuffie, CB, Washington

The technically sound corner makes his way to New Orleans as they snatch him in the middle of the 1st.

#17 LA Chargers: Jermaine Johnson, EDGE, Georgia

The Chargers don’t need much, but Johnson is a great player who if they don’t trade out of this pick, should select. Johnson is talented enough to go further up in this draft, but in this case he would be a solid fit in the blue and yellow.

#18 Philadelphia Eagles: Andrew Booth Jr., CB, Clemson

The Eagles sure up their defensive back room as that is their second biggest problem as opposed to wide receiver.

#19 New Orleans Saints: Treylon Burks, WR, Arkansas

Burks is a physical specimen who moves like a running back after the catch. His playstyle fits the short passing of the Saints offensive scheme, and he’s a great player, so this pick adds up.

#20 Pittsburgh Steelers: Kaiir Elam, CB, Florida

The Steelers don’t like to pay cornerbacks, and with the last batch of them seeing greener pastures, they take Elam with their 1st round selection as he is a tall, agile and capable player.

#21 New England Patriots: Trevor Penning, OT, Iowa

Belichick and the Patriots don’t need much, but protecting Mac Jones will be their top priority in this draft. They kick it off with Penning out of Iowa.

#22 Green Bay Packers: Drake London, WR, USC

The Packers could use a big body receiver who could serve as a #1 option after the departure of Davante Adams. London is touted as a 1st round talent and could get it done for the Packers.

#23 Arizona Cardinals: Zion Johnson, OG, Boston College

The Cardinals have an old and mediocre group of guards, but this pick can change that. Johnson is a solid interior linemen and could hold his own in desert.

#24 Dallas Cowboys: George Karlaftis, EDGE, Purdue

Karlaftis is another one of those physical specimens who has the talent but not the polished game quite yet. This is a decent pick for Dallas as they just lost a couple of defensive linemen during the offseason such as Demarcus Lawrence.

#25 Buffalo Bills: Breece Hall, RB, Iowa State

The first (and best) running back in the draft makes his way to upstate New York to be the team’s next starting RB.

#26 Tennessee Titans: Quay Walker, LB, Georgia

Tennesee is another one of those well built teams. They go with the safe Georgia pick in Quay Walker. He has the size, physicality and athleticism to be a great player in this league.

#27 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tyler Linderbaum, OC, Iowa

A nasty center and a great blocker, Linderbaum gets snagged by the Buccaneers at pick 27. He could serve as a super sub for any position in the line and he will carve out a role one way or another on this team.

#28 Green Bay Packers: David Ojabo, EDGE, Michigan

This prospect fell off of many’s draft boards because he got injured during his pro day. The talent he has is undeniable and whoever takes him gets a steal of a player. The Packers swipe him up in the late 1st round.

#29 Kansas City Chiefs: Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

Hill would fit perfectly into the Chiefs scheme as Tyrann Mathieu makes his departure. He has size and potential.

#30 Kansas City Chiefs: Kenyon Green, OT, Texas A&M

The Chiefs can finish out their first round selections with a very good tackle. This covers their offensive line and now they can focus on getting skill positions in the later rounds even though they don’t need much to be a force to be reckoned with.

#31 Cincinnati Bengals: Jaquan Brisker, S, Penn State

Brisker would be a perfect fit opposite Jessie Bates III. Brisker is a hard hitting safety who is a sure tackler and a dog. He knows schemes and will improve that defense.

#32 Detroit Lions: George Pickens, WR, Georgia

This is another player who fell largely because of an injury. Pickens would’ve a top 8 pick if he hadn’t tore his ACL. What a player. Many don’t know how his professional career will turn out but it’s a unanimous agreement that he has got the talent to be one of the best in it.

Nick Salvati // Picks

1. Jacksonville Jaguars – Aiden Hutchinson, Edge, Michigan

Even with a slew of offseason moves, I feel as though the Jags need a game changer on defense, and Hutchinson would surely bring that ability to a team who finished towards the back end of the league in total defense.

2. Detroit Lions: Kyle Hamilton, Safety, Notre Dame

Even though Detroit recently resigned veteran safety, Tracy Walker III, it is apparent they need help in the back end of that defense. Hamilton provides intelligence and versatility carrying the potential to be a generational safety if he pans out in Mo Town.

3. Houston Texans: Ickem Ekwonu, Offensive Tackle, NC State

Houston absolutely needs help up front. Houston’s offensive line unit ranked 29th in the league last year according to Pro Football Focus and they direly need some athleticism and size up front. Ekwonu is a sure-fire pick that will instantly help Lovie Smith’s offense.

4. New York Jets: Derek Stingley Jr., Cornerback, LSU

Stingley and D.J Reed have the potential to be a lockdown duo in New York if all goes well. Stingley has elite ball skills and good size at 6’1. If he can stay on the field he will be a perfect fit in a rebuilding Jets defense.

5. New York Giants: Kenny Pickett, Quarterback, Pittsburgh

Daniel Jones 2.0? I think the Pittsburgh product will have a better go of things in the NFL then the 2019 first round pick did. Pickett flew up draft boards this year after an exceptional year with the blue and yellow. Some competition for Jones will only make this offense more improved. Giants have to take a shot, and I think if Pickett is used correctly under the Ryan Daboll regime, he has the potential to be a future top ten quarterback.

6. Carolina Panthers: Evan Neal, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

Neal is a monster up front. His size is massive, weighing in at roughly 350 pounds, and he has the ability to blow defenders off the line. Carolina needs another true tackle to pair on the right side of the line with Taylor Moton, and I think Neal would be a perfect fit.

7. New York Giants: Travon Walker, Edge Rusher, Georgia

Giants really could use some competition at the edge rusher position. They have a bunch of mediocre starters and could use a true number one guy. Walker would fill in perfectly alongside former Georgia Bulldog and teammate Azeez Ojulari. Ryan Daboll gets his guy.

8. Atlanta Falcons: Garret Wilson, Wide Receiver, Ohio State

The Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley era was cut short due to a number of complications, and now Atlanta has to replace their top two wide receiver threats this offseason. Garret profiles more as a ‘speed kills’  kind of guy, but he will provide instant relief to Mariota and the ATL offense.

9. Seattle Seahawks : Kayvon Thibodeaux, Edge Rusher, Oregon

Its safe to say that the ‘Legion of Boom’ is officially disbanded. Seattle has to replenish their defense, that has not been the same since Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor both left the unit. Getting Thibodeaux at this spot, is an absolute steal for Seattle and I think Pete Carroll and company could pull the trigger.

*TRADE* New York Jets trade 10th overall selection to the Philadelphia Eagles for 15th overall pick, 2022 2nd round pick (51 overall) and a 2023 3rd round pick, 2023 7th round pick

10. Philadelphia Eagles: Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, Defensive Back, Cincinnati

Philly moves up six selection and gets one of the best talents in the draft. Gardner compares to a Richard Sherman type back, having good agility and length to develop into a excellent number two  corner behind four time pro bowler, Darius Slay.

11. Washington Commanders: Drake London, Wide Receiver, USC

The Eagles slide up and take the corner the Commanders were dreaming of, time for plan B. Drake London is arguably the best receiver in the draft alongside Garret Wilson and Jameson Williams, and has elite size and ball skills. After a pretty disappointing offseason up to this point, surrounding Carson Wentz with all the weapons’ possible is going to be key for Ron Rivera and company.

12. Minnesota Vikings:  Nakobe Dean, Linebacker, Georgia

Adding star pass rusher, Za’Darius Smith, was a savvy and under the radar move for Minnesota. However, I think they still need to address the defense, specially the front seven. Pairing Kyle Hendricks, and Dean will be a nasty one- two punch.

13. Houston Texans: Charles Cross, Offensive Tackle, Miss. State

Cross is arguably the best tackle in the class, and it will be key for Houston to bolster their offensive line for Davis Mills. Tytus Howard appears to be moving to guard, which opens a whole on the right side of the line. Cross would fill in nicely and dominate in both the run game and pass game.

14. Baltimore Ravens: Jermaine Johnson, Edge Rusher, Miami University (FL)

Although they could not get Za’Darius Smith, the Ravens will find a equally star studded pass rusher. He brings the same combination of power, speed, technique, and potential that is in every star pass rusher.

15. New York Jets (via Phila.) : Devin Lloyd, Linebacker, Utah

By trading the 10th overall selection, the Jets are able to load up on draft picks in later rounds… and they still get a top ten player. Lloyd and Dean are 1A and 1B for top linebacker in the draft. They are both super versatile, and are sure tacklers. Lloyd will be able to slide in and play right away for Robert Salah and that Jets D.

16. New Orleans Saints: George Pickens, Wide Receiver, Georgia

If Pickens hadn’t torn his ACL this past season at Georgia, he could have easily been the number one receiver in the draft. Even at 16, the Saints will be happy to take him and bolster that Wide Receiver room for Jameis.

17. Los Angeles Chargers: Jordan Davis, IDL, Georgia

Back to back Georgia Bulldogs are off the board as Davis heads to the west coast. Davis had a freakish combine, and carries unreal size at 6’6 340. The Chargers has a tough time stopping the run up front last year, adding Davis would provide immediate relief to that front seven.

18. Philadelphia Eagles: Lewis Cine, Safety, Georgia

The Eagles yet again address their secondary. Cine could sit behind Rodney McLeod and Anthony Harris for a year and maybe play some slot in the meantime. Philly’s D is much improved after the addition of Gardner and Cine.

19. New Orleans Saints: Devonte Wyatt, IDL, Georgia

Four straight Georgia Bulldogs, go off the board. With the Saints, going wide out in their previous selection, I have them taking a stud defensive linemen here. Wyatt will only make that scary defense scarier, I really like this move for New Orleans.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers: Malik Willis, QB, Liberty

The Steelers  get their potential franchise quarterback at twentieth overall. It’s reported that Pittsburgh really likes Willis, but even if he is taken by the Steelers, he likely will not start away . Mason Rudolph will probably get the starting reps, but I can see Willis turning into a solid starter later down the road.

21. New England Patriots:  Kenneth Walker Jr., Running back, Michigan State

The patriots have a already solid running back in Damien Harris, but I feel like Walker could elevate this offense to another level. Pats also have to focus on surrounding Mac Jones with the best weapons’ possible.

22. Green Bay Packers: George Karlaftis, Purdue, Edge Rusher , Purdue

After the departure of Za’Daruis Smith, the Packers need to add another solid piece off the edge. Karlaftis has great size and good instincts which could fit perfect in the Packers defense.

23. Arizona Cardinals: Zion Johnson , IOL,  Boston College

The Cardinals O-line is much improved, compared to prior years, but I think they still need to try and bolster the boys of front. Johnson, who has risen up draft boards this off-season, plays with outstanding awareness in both the run and pass game. Overall, Johnson should be a steady, reliable starter very early in his NFL career.

24. Dallas Cowboys:  Jameson Williams, Wide Receiver, Alabama

Had Williams not gotten hurt this past year, he likely goes top ten. If he is able to stay on the field, I believe Williams could be the perfect replacement for Amari Cooper ( at twenty million cheaper). Potentially a steal for the Cowboys here at twenty four.

25. Buffalo Bills: Trent McDuffie, Cornerback, Washington

The  Bills were a coin-flip away from reaching Super Bowl 57 last year. Well this past offseason, the Bills have added star pass rusher, Von Miller to help the cause. This defense is already scary as it is, but with addition of McDuffie, this D has the potential to be lockdown.

26. Tennessee Titans: Tyler Linderbuam, IOL, Iowa

The Titans needs to find Rodger Saffold’s replacement, and to me Linderbuam is perfect fit. He is a versatile player, having the ability to play guard or center and absolutely mauls defenders in the run game. A Jason Kelce type player, Linderbuam is great value here for the Titans at twenty six.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Dax Hill, Safety, Michigan

The Tamp Bay Bucs do not have many holes. In my opinion, having Dax Hill and Antoine Winfield playing across from each other is would an elite duo. I’m not saying that Jordan Whitehead is bad, I just think they could use the depth and talent at the position. Could see Hill playing the nickel as well.

28. Green Bay Packers: Treylon Burks, Wide Receiver, Arkansas

Devante Adams replacement? Burks and Adams are eerily similar in terms of stature and build. Burks has the potential to be a immediate  impact for the Packers if Matt Lefleur and Aaron Rodgers utilize him the right way.

29. Kansas City Chiefs: Andrew Booth Jr., Cornerback, Clemson

After the departure of Charvarius Ward in free agency, the Chiefs are tasked with finding his immediate replacement. Rashad Fenton and DeAndre Baker are not the most ideal options, so in this mock I have the Chiefs taking Andrew Booth. Booth has good speed and agility which he will have to use in order to cover some of the stud wide receivers in the AFC West.

30. Kansas City Chiefs: Boye Mafa, Edge Rusher, Minnesota

Mafa adds some good depth and strength to a d-line that is widely depleted, after the departures of multiple starting guys.

31. Cincinnati Bengals: Trey McBride, TE, Colorado

The first tight end off the board comes here at pick 31. McBride will fill the shoes of star tight end, C.J Uzomah who left in free agency. McBride is by far the best tight end in the draft, and Cincy gets him to improve an already lethal offense.

32. Detroit Lions: Quay Walker, Linebacker, Georgia

Walker is an enormous player at 6’4, 241 but he is plenty fast enough to cover running backs and tight ends. Detroit desperately needs help in the front seven and Walker will be a nice fit for them.