Emma Peretti: A Record Breaking Shot


Junior Emma Peretti made history last Friday as her team took on the OLMA girls. Peretti was able to take over the title of “Most number of points scored in a game” for girls basketball.

After scoring 38 out of 86 points on Friday, Peretti was victorious with a double win. Not only did they win their game, she also broke a school record.

Emma attributes her success to her father, Frank Peretti who also played basketball when he was younger.

“My father was a very good basketball player when he was younger,” she claimed, “He introduced the whole family,” she said.

Hammonton, who has not beaten OLMA in four years, considers this an extra special win. The locker room during halftime, according to Emma, was “the funniest.” The entire team was so worn out since they already had 50 points which was usually what they scored in an entire game.

Previously the record was 36 points in one game and was held by none other than her sister, Sara Peretti who graduated in 2019.

Going into the game, Emma was not trying to break the record, but it was always in the back of her mind. Her goal was just to lead the team to victory.

“It just so happened that I got a lot of rebounds and putbacks,” Peretti explained.

The entire team played into her being able to score 38 baskets. Since Emma plays down low, she needs the team to get her the ball, otherwise she can’t do anything.

This athlete plays sports year round from soccer in the fall to throwing in the spring, with basketball in between. Just last week, Emma was awarded with an honorable mention for her position as a goalie in soccer.

When questioned about both accomplishments being just days apart she commented, “I guess it never really hit me, I have always been humble with my awards.” This was followed up by, “I am very thankful for the awards I have been given.”

Emma also enjoys spending time with friends and family, biking, and fishing, in addition to sports. Another notable accomplishment of hers was a free throw competition where she went 25 for 25. The star is full of major accomplishments and she still has more to come with a year and a half left of high school.