My Two Cents: How The Philadelphia Eagles Can Improve


“Governor Wolf Attends Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LII Victory Parade” by governortomwolf is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“DeSean Jackson for the 75 yard touchdown!”

We haven’t heard that in a long time this season.

The Philadelphia Eagles right now are one of the worse teams in the NFL at this moment. The Eagles went 4-11 this season and last season they went 9-7 to go on and lose in the playoffs. It’s not even the head coach anymore; it is the sorry players that they have. They can have a little ankle injury and easily rule them out making millions to just miss four games the whole season. I mean, Terrell Owens played with a broken leg in the Super Bowl, and he wasn’t complaining. He even scored a touchdown.

I am going to tell you how the Philadelphia Eagles can do better.

They say the face of the team is the quarterback. Carson Wentz is the face of the Philadelphia Eagles. He is their franchise player and got paid millions to do poorly right after his MVP 2017 season. Wentz only threw for 2,620 yards for a career low in passing yards.

At times, fans have to admit: Wentz looks like a terrible quarterback . He has been off target after needing to have double digit games to beat the opposing opponent. Then to throw seven picks in one season just isn’t going to cut it. Soon, the city will start to hate the fact you are the quarterback and the backup will get more love and go in.

He definitely looked like the old Carson during his MVP season at times, but it would only last about 2 minutes.  But they had said they are going to work with Wentz and the receivers more to help out the offense more. They need to work on Wentz or trade him.

Next, whenever a team loses, the first person fans often look to is the head coach. In my opinion, Doug Pederson is a great coach, especially when the Eagles had a great run to the Super Bowl to go on and win. But after that, the Eagles turned into a mediocre team. That made Pederson change his approach, becoming more aggressive as a coach, but the problem was  that he was acting like he had the same players in that Super Bowl run.

I respect him a lot for what he did, but a coaching change is needed.