After struggle to leave Houston, Harden traded to Brooklyn Nets


After almost a year of trying to leave the Houston Rockets, one-time MVP James Harden was traded to the Brooklyn Nets as part of what NBA News called “a blockbuster trade” on January 12.

How It Went Down

Harden, who has been with the Rockets for eight years, has made his desire to leave very clear since before the 20-21 season. He didn’t believe that Houston had a really desire to win. Harden even gained 15 pounds, making him slower on the court and unable to perform at the highest level. He said he wanted a ring, and that’s why he wanted to be with the Nets.


What Harden has to offer the Nets

The Nets ultimately had to give up three first rounders, the right to swap four other first rounders as well as Caris LeVert, Jarrett Allen, Taurean Prince and Rodions Kurucs in the deal, receiving only Harden in return.

With Harden joining a super team with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, he hasn’t had as many opportunities to shoot. In three recent games (Jan. 20, Jan. 22, and Jan. 23), he only took 36 shots. In Houston, he would average at least 60-70 shots per three games.
James Harden’s trade to the Nets

How Its Been Going so Far

In his first game against the Magic on January 16, he made history as the first NBA player to  record a triple double in his debut with a team. A triple double means having double digit numbers for points, rebounds, and assists.

With Harden joining the Nets, Harden is claiming that he wants to stay for a while and is wanting Kevin Durant to stay with him to win championships. “It’s not just that the two are friends, though. The acquisition of Harden signifies that the Nets are serious about building a long-term contender. Ultimately, if that is what Durant is looking for, the Nets are stepping up to show that they’re legitimate. “