Last Chance U Review


Last Chance U is a Netflix documentary that has been going on for 5 seasons. This series includes Junior Colleges(JUCO) with kids that have gone down the wrong path. Most of these kids have an insane amount of talent, but just got mixed up in the wrong things. The programs that the documentary includes, usually have a good history. For the first two seasons East Mississippi Community College was documented. Then the next two it was Independence Community College. The fifth season followed Laney college, a school in Oakland California.

All these seasons were JUCO football teams. Football provided intensity, and realness. While watching the show, the viewer really got to see what it was like to play football at a junior college. In 2020 the series announced they were moving on from football and creating a spin-off that focused on basketball. The team they would be focusing on would be East Los Angeles College(ELAC).

This move surprised many fans. After all the success they had with JUCO football, moving to basketball seemed just like a mistake. The intensity that came with football just made the show much better. Most of their fans are used to football and just don’t see the show heading the same way with basketball. I for one thought the show would lose many viewers.


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On March 10, 2021 the documentary aired on Netflix. I didn’t have interest at first, but then I thought I would give it a shot. The first episode really got me hooked and I was shocked. Once I started watching I had to finish the series. Just like any other season this one was pleasing. Although they switched to basketball, those intense moments were still in the show. From football to basketball, there really wasn’t much of a change and that was good for the show.