What Will “Riverdale” Do Without Luke Perry?

What Will “Riverdale” Do Without Luke Perry?

Riverdale is a drama series TV show that is now onto their fourth season. The new season aired on October 9th. Before the show had aired, Luke Perry, who played Archie’s dad on the show passed away this past summer due to cancer. It happened so fast and unexpected. Luke Perry was a very well-known actor. He was also in a popular tv show from the 90’s “90210”.  The “Riverdale” show and cast has shown empathy and sympathy to their fans and family

To recap season three, children and adults became obsessed with a game called “Griffins and Gargoyles”. The game was played like Dungeons & Dragons, but had Jumanji-like consequences. The game was developed by the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and used a drug called “fizzle rocks” to alter the players minds while playing. G&G wasn’t the only problem Riverdale faced. Betty Cooper discovered that her mother joined the Farm along with her sister and found out the farm performed surgery on their members and then harvested their organs. They also robbed graves to convince members that they were actually talking with their dead loved ones.

Later to find out Betty’s mom was actually undercover at the Farm to uncover the project the Farm had with harvesting members organs. The Lodge family has also risen with tension this season because Veronica Lodge, Hiram Lodge’s daughter, found out that he has the farm working for him and the juvenile detention center Archie was sent to in the beginning of the season. To end the season finale, the last episode shows a tease that the summer after senior year, Betty, Veronica, and Archie will gather in the woods, covered in blood, and promised each other to go their separate ways to avoid getting caught. We don’t know what they were afraid of getting caught for or where Jughead was, but in the last scene, they were burning his beanie.

The opening episode for season four kills off Luke Perry through a car accident on the show. Jughead’s dad called Archie to tell him that Fred had pulled over to help someone whose car had stalled on the side of the road on his way back from Cherry Creek. That’s when another car came around a curve way too fast and struck Fred. It was the weekend around Fourth of July and the entire town had honored Fred as a hero. 

So far in the season, the first few episodes have mainly been about Archie and his friends and family honoring the death of Fred Andrews. Other scenes of the new season show Cheryl hanging out with her brothers dead corpse from last season which can potentially be a psychological issue for her. The latest episode releases that people’s houses in Riverdale are being filmed for hours and then the anonymous taper is putting the film on their front steps. 

Viewers wonder what Riverdale has to put up with next. First it was Jason Blossom’s death, then the Blackhood, Griffins and Gargoyles, and now a mysterious cameraman. I wonder what Riverdale has for viewers this season.