Thoughts on Outer Banks Season 2

Thoughts on Outer Banks Season 2

The captivating Netflix show, Outer Banks, made a very big impact on many high schoolers around the world. Whether this affected how they dressed afterward, or lived life, it made life seem a little bit easier during the pandemic

The show only has one season out as the second season is being worked on. This being said, it is leaving many of us fans, on a cliffhanger.

Some of these fans in fact are around the Hammonton High School who have some opinions and hopes for the upcoming season.

Sarah Mento (Grade 12)

  • What are you hoping and most excited for, for Outer Banks season two?

-”I’m currently most excited to see if they all reunite in the Bahamas and finish their journey and hoping for another great season.”

Sofia Purvis (Grade 11)

  • Do you have any predictions for the upcoming season of Outer Banks?

– ”I think Sarah Cameron and John B will end up going on another hunt for the gold in the Bahamas. I think Kiara will end up dating Pope, leaving JJ to find a girlfriend. I also hope that Ward and Rafe go to jail for the murders of several characters.”

AJ Ryker (Grade 11)

  • Do you think that Outer Banks season two will be up to par with the first season? Better or worse?

-”I think it will be very hard to top the first season. The introduction of the show could not have been better as the fans instantly became obsessed with the entire vibe.”

Well students, there you have it. Lots of good expectations and opinions on the upcoming season of Netflix’s show, Outer Banks.