Lil’ Wayne’s ‘Carter 5’ set for May release


“I knocked on the door; hope isn’t home, fate’s not around, and the luck’s all gone.”

These are the words of man that many people view as a refugee and a man people simply do not understand.

His birth name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. but many people just know him as Lil’ Wayne. Those lyrics are describing the feelings people felt in his home city of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina tore down the city. He dropped the “D” in his name because his father left him and his mother alone when he was two and he wants everyone to make sure they know that his dad was never apart of his life.

His rap career started when he was just nine years old when he signed with Cash Money Records. The best rappers in New Orleans trained him and he dropped his first album at the tender age of twelve. From there he was put on the map and many people began to listen. He was the inventor of the word “bling” and made a song titled “bling bling” which was big in the late 90’s. Lil Wayne is very passionate about his music and covers an array of different subjects including politics, how to live, and of course flaunting all of the things he has.

In 2008 Lil Wayne hit his peak. That year he won 4 grammy awards and dropped his “Carter III” album which sold a record setting 1.5 million copies in its first week. Lil Wayne was the image of hip-hop and has collaborated with many different artists. He has recently been getting himself in trouble with drugs and weapons so many people see him as a degenerate. Many of these people do not understand where he comes from. I am not saying that drugs and weapons are good but I am saying that people need to understand where he came from and the tragedies he grew up with before they start judging his behavior.

Lil Wayne began his decline and will most likely stop producing music within the next couple years to focus on things he loves to do. He owns his own clothing like called “Trukfit” and it is a brand for skaters. Lil Wayne is also a big skateboarder and spends a lot of his time at the parks perfecting what he loves best. Lil Wayne has one thing left for all of his fans.

On May 5th he will drop the last album of the “Carter” series and probably his last album. The Carter 5 is a highly anticipated album to drop in 2014 because it will feature many of hip-hop’s top performing artists and should not be any less than great. Personally I am stoked to download this album and listen to my favorite rapper in his last album.