On Christmas morning, many gamers around the country will be curious about what Santa put under the tree: PlayStation4 or Xbox1

As the holiday season quickly approaches, Sony and Microsoft went all or nothing with their new video game consoles. The production of the Play Station 4 and the Xbox 1 is the most anticipated launching of a video game console in recent times. In some cases, avid video gamers risked their health and safety (at all costs) in the mad rush on Black Friday to secure one of the consoles for themselves.

These consoles come with another cost as well, a pricey one. With the Xbox One selling for $499 and the Play Station selling for $399, these new gaming systems are a serious investment.

Gamer Kate Sliwecki, a sophomore, invested time with both systems before she decided which was best.

“I prefer the PS4. The game play seems to be more advanced than the Xbox One,” she said. “I have played both of them for a tremendous amount of time and I have noticed a more advanced game play on the PS4.”

Junior Steve Cahill hopped on the Xbox One band wagon because it is more popular.

“I am very into the technology standpoint of the debate, but more of my friends play the Xbox, so I would have more fun playing it,” he said.

Not all students are caught up in the hype, though. Some are not interested at all, like senior Mary Grace Arena, who responded by saying, “I like knitting. I wouldn’t waste my time playing video games.”

As shoppers wait for the systems to restock, gamers continue to pre-order and camp outside of stores so they can secure one for themselves.