Audition Notice: Mamma Mia!


For Sophie Sheridan and her mother Donna, Greece has been the ultimate escape. Its white sand beaches and warm breezes offer all who visit a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the real world.

However, it’s not enough for Sophie, who yearns to know more about the reality of her past – who her father is.

“I have a dream, a fantasy to help me through reality, and my destination makes it worth the while pushing through the darkness, still another mile.”

These lyrics, from the famed ABBA song “I have a dream” kick off Act I of Mamma Mia!, the Hammonton High School spring musical.

The show, which is scheduled for performances in March, will hold auditions on December 5th and 7th after school in the choir room. Show director Ms. Marrissa Carrafiello is beyond excited to start the rehearsal process.

“It’s a totally fun and upbeat show,” Carrafiello said. “It’s not too late to join!”

Mamma Mia! takes audiences on a musical trip back to the 70s featuring songs by ABBA such as, “Dancing Queen” “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” and “Mamma Mia.” With hilarious characters and emotional scenes, this musical breaks down the importance of relationships, family, and making the most out of life. For a full synopsis, visit the Music Theater International page.

Students interested in auditioning for a role should keep several things in mind, according to Carrafiello.

“Number one is to be prepared. Look on the Google classroom and memorize the songs and monologues,” she said. “It gets more stressful when you are unprepared. Have everything memorized but also have fun.”

Students are asked to learn and memorize the music and monologue correlating with the character they wish to audition for. All material can be found on the cast Google Classroom with the code 3jwzzzt. To learn more about the lead characters, visit the character breakdown sheet.

There are many other opportunities for involvement beyond the character roles.

To be a member of the ensemble, no audition is necessary. Members of the ensemble have been referred to as “extras” in the past; however, it arguably functions as the backbone of the show, telling the story through emotion, song, and dance. With opportunities for featured parts (singing, dancing, and acting), this group is perfect for anyone interested in participating in the show but does not wish to audition or have a lead role.

Stage crew provides an opportunity for students to learn more about the technical side of theater, including lighting, curtain work, set building, and much more. Those interested in this aspect of the production can join the Google Classroom with the code oz4xerh, and the Remind with the code gdc6e7.

Practices for cast members will begin Tuesday, January 3rd, and run six days a week; Monday through Friday after school, and Saturday from 9 to 3. Saturday practices will begin later in January. A schedule will be posted in Google Classroom with further information on days and times. Sign up for Remind with the code 7e646e for timely updates throughout the rehearsal process.

Show performances are scheduled for March 9th, March 10th, and, March 11th, 2023.