Sunflowers For Ukraine

Sunflowers have been a part of Ukraine since the 1700s. The country has been one of the biggest suppliers of sunflower oil. The flower also is said to represent the blue and yellow flag through the flower’s color and the sky found behind it.

Now sunflowers are known as Ukraine’s national flower and are a symbol of peace and unity across the nation. Some Ukrainian women even weave sunflowers into their clothes on special occasions. It’s also popular because the country’s church didn’t ban the oil during lent.

Historically speaking, in June 1966 US, Russian and Ukrainian defense ministers planted sunflowers at Ukraine’s Pervomaysk missile base to mark and celebrate Ukraine giving up nuclear weaponry.

Presently, because of the conflict going on between Russia and Ukraine, a Ukrainian woman was spotted hostilely presenting sunflower seeds to a Russian soldier. Her reasoning being that the sunflowers would grow when the soldier dies on Ukrainian soil.

Sunflowers are now becoming a way to support Ukrainian’s suffering from this conflict. Some people are selling sunflowers as a fundraiser to help aid those struggling. Others may simply plant seeds or present sunflower during protests to show their support.

Here in Hammonton High School the National Honors Society as well as the Interact Club are working together to raise money for CNN’s Help Humanitarian Effort in Ukraine. Sunflowers will be sold for $1 each during lunch periods. This fundraiser started on March 21st and will be continuing until the 31st.