What procedures can we use to limit Covid-19 for Thanksgiving?


Just like last year, we’re all likely wondering how we are handling Thanksgiving meals in a global pandemic. This year however, there are updated guidelines and a vaccine to help ward off the virus. Here are three tips that can help you protect yourself and your family during your Thanksgiving get-together.

Getting vaccinated:

The first and most practical method of bringing the family over with no worries is getting everyone the vaccine. With new and much less strict travel guidelines in place, the CDC is recommending all Americans to get vaccinated prior to festivities.

Open windows:

If for whatever reason you and your family choose not to be vaccinated, the best way to remain indoors with your family is to keep the ventilation running and to open windows for circulation. This is a good way to both stay indoors while at the same time, preventing an outbreak between your family members.

Activities outside:

Alternatively, hosting your Thanksgiving party outside is an even better way to prevent the virus from spreading amongst family members. While it may be chilly, going outside is proven to be the best way to prevent spreading if you have a family member that is for example, immunocompromised.

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