Diversity Club emphasizes inclusivity and mindfulness


Hammonton has a lengthy amount of clubs and extracurriculars and always had a Diversity club run by Mrs. Greiss. However, this year a student approached the advisor with a new thought. They need a place where people can be themselves and be open.

This year, Leo Lampman, approached Mrs. Greiss hoping to add a new focus, The Diversity and Mindfulness club. The club began this year and has had one meeting so far. It had a “loose-vibe” claimed the club advisor after recalling the first meeting. The advisor, Greiss has offered her insight into her goals for the year, what they discussed, and their activities.

Greiss says, “I want to create a place where people can be open.”

Her main goal includes giving people a place where they can discuss their ethnicities, sexual orientation, and be expressive in a safe environment. There needs to be a place in Hammonton High School where there will be no judgement.

“The pandemic has caused a rise in stress for everyone– including students,” she explained. “I have decided to purposely add mindfulness and stress relief to my mission to help my students learn about ways to practice self-care. We are practicing empathy with others– and also with ourselves. I am lucky to have found students that also share my vision.”

With the addition of mindfulness to the already-established Diversity Club, they want to do more activities regarding the mindfulness aspect. Such activities including a vision board, student-led yoga, and even a poetry cafe later in the year. The second meeting has a theme of “personal exploration.”

The club is open to any new members who still wish to join. Leo Lampman, who attended the first meeting.

“After the first meeting I think this club is a good opportunity for people to be what they are without fear, and accept everything that is true,” he said.

This club offers a safe environment that is inclusive and accepting.