One of Us: Mrs. Schipske


Mrs. Schipske has been a part of the Hammonton High School teaching staff since 1986, making her the school’s longest lasting teacher. Although everyone knows Mrs. Schipske through experience, we interviewed her to receive some more intimate details about her life.

Where did you attend high school and what was your graduation year?

Plymouth Canton High School in Michigan and I graduated in 1981.

Where did you go to college?

West Virginia University than Rowan which was Glassboro State college.

Degrees Held?

I earned my teaching certificate in 1986.

What schools have you taught at?

No other schools, but I was a student teacher at Vineland.

Why did you choose to teach at Hammonton?

It’s a very nice community.

 When I’m not teaching you can find me.. playing with my dogs!

What has changed the most about high school/ers throughout the years?

Electronics are now a huge impact because kids today lack the attention span they used to have. They also lack parental guidance.

What is your message to the new teachers in the staff?
Just remain positive and remember that students are still kids at heart and deserve a second chance.