Alumni Life: Nikoli Luliucci


A member of the Class of 2019, Nikoli Iuliucci’s gives us a look into his life since high school. Iuliucci attended HHS from 2015-2019, was a hard working student and had plan to attend RCSJ with the intention of studying electrical engineering field. He ran for the Track and Cross Country team all four years of high school. He is now working at MALCO electric.

What was your “plan” after high school? Did you stick to it?

My plan after high school was to further my education at RCSJ(Rowan College South Jersey) in the electrical engineering field. I did this while working part time (3 days work, 2 days school) as an electrician to help pay my way through college while I attended.

I didn’t end up following through with my plan of school and at the end of my 3rd semester I decided to be a full time electrician.

What have you been up to since high school?
Since high school, (including my brief college experience) I’ve been employed with MALCO electric working various commercial jobs across the states of NJ and PA, most commonly building/renovating Chick-fil-a’s. I have now just under 4 years of experience and have had a part in building 9 locations including: Vineland, Barrington, and State College PA

If you could go back to your HS days and do some things differently, what would you do?
If I could revisit my HS day (get ready for a very cliché response) I would’ve pushed myself to do more things I strayed away from. I would’ve definitely taken more classes like CADD or woodshop because they are heavily present in my workplace, and my past experience.

What’s one thing you miss about HS?
One thing I miss about HS is always having your friends and new people to connect with around. I’m still in contact with most close friends from Hammonton, however being together every day in school made those unbreakable memories that will keep us all friends for years for years to come. With all the chaos of time consuming adulting, being friends with as many people as I could try to be is a nostalgic HS experience I miss.

What’s one piece of advice you have for HS students in their final year?
And finally a piece of advice I give to students in their last year, is truly make the most of it. Whether is spending time with friends, sports, student government, etc. get yourself out there. Make those friends, memories, and take those classes because you only leave HS with what you choose to. Because even if you are one of those students who’s just counting down the days until freedom just remember, you never know what the good ole’ days are until they’re over.