Alumni Life: Patrick Breen Class of 2017

Alumni Life:  Patrick Breen Class of 2017

Six years after graduating from HHS, Patrick Breen gives us a look into his life since high school. Breen attended high school between 2013- 2017, he was a CP student who had dreams of having a degree  in Architecture or Sports management. He played sports such as Baseball, Track, and XC. He was attending RCGC Rowan College at Gloucester county. He is now working at Malco Electric and starting Electrine school in the beginning of January of 2023.

What Year did you graduate?


What clubs and/or sports were you involved?

Baseball, Cross country, and Track

What was your “plan” after high school? Did you stick to it?

To get either a degree in Architecture or Sports Management. No I did not, the cost of college is way to high for the level of education in the classes you take even if you test out of placement testing and basic level courses. Basically $3o grand + to take a high school classes and not learn anything new was a waste of time.

What have you been up to since high school?

I was a manager of a liquor store for a while but now I’m an electrician working on buildings f9r companies such as Chick fil a, TD Bank, and Burlington coat factory.

If you could go back to your HS days and do some things differently, what would you do?

To be honest there isn’t much I would change. I was lucky in the fact that I always seemed to get the best/favorite teachers for every course. I got to play Baseball with some of my best friends, I was given a leadership role in XC and Track even though the coaches knew I was doing it for baseball.

What’s one thing you miss about HS?

The amount of time you get to spend with your friends during the school year. Once you graduate and get a job your life just doesn’t have time in it to hangout and see everyone constantly.

What’s one piece of advice you have for HS students in their final year?

Don’t take it for granted!! I know this is for seniors but if there’s something you haven’t done yet that you have interest in go out and do it. I know there’s more sports teams and clubs then when I was in high school so there’s even more opportunity for you to fins something you like. Remember you make more memories in high school years than any other point in your life, so don’t waste it by hating a bad teacher you have or a class you  struggle in. Find something you enjoy and have fun doing it.