One of Us: Mrs. Griess


Mrs. Audrey Griess has been teaching for three years at Hammonton High School. Before this, she was the long-term substitute when Mrs. Davidson was out on maternity leave. Prior to her career at Hammonton,  she worked as a waitress for fifteen years before graduating from Rowan University to pursue teaching. She advises the Blue Review, the school literary magazine, and teaches three courses: Creative Writing/Public Speaking and English 2.

I teach English because… I’ve always been good at it and enjoyed it.

My biggest pet peeve… Students interrupting other students when they are contributing to a discussion.

My favorite author is… often an author that I’m teaching in class, but if I had to say one it would be Harper Lee because I love To Kill a Mockingbird.

My favorite television show is… Breaking Bad, because I really liked the character development.

If I wasn’t a teacher… I would be an owner of a bakery or a coffee shop.

A fun fact about me is… I went skydiving on my nineteenth birthday.

My two favorite movies are… The Princess Bride and Forrest Gump

My biggest fear is… Sharks, but I like watching Jaws.