One of Us: Mrs. Carolyn Edwards

Mrs. Carolyn Edwards


Ally Lupinetti

Mrs Carolyn Edwards presents a vocabulary lesson to her class.

Mrs. Carolyn Edwards has been teaching in the Hammonton School District since 2001. Edwards graduated from Penn State University with a degree in English language and literature. This year, she is teaching both juniors and sophomores in CP English. The best part about teaching, according to Edwards, is when you see a student who truly understands the material and “actually gets it.” Mrs. Edwards was recently interviewed to learn more about her interest, hobbies, and opinions.

The best piece of advice that I ever received was…from my mother. She said, “Be very careful what you say to your friends because they are not necessarily friends for life; there are very few people you can actually trust in this world, so never just assume you can trust everyone”

A fictional character that I would bring to life would be… Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice because every one wants to be Lizzy’s best friend- she’s fantastic!

If i could change my first name, I would be… Carolyn still, but I would change the spelling.

The most beautiful man-made object is… the Brooklyn Bridge and any cathedral.

The ultimate vacation destination is… anywhere in Europe.

At the top of my bucket list is… something that I am doing now, which is horse-back riding.

A world record that I would like to establish is… nothing.

My biggest pet-peeve is…  1. When people don’t use the subjunctive, 2.Ppeople who can’t read their teleprompter properly on television, 3. People who over use the word basically, absolutely, and awesome, 4. Signs that are written incorrectly (which is why I carry my black Sharpie marker everywhere), 5. People who do insensitive and ridiculous, short-sight things, 6. People who are mean to animals.

[Mrs. Edwards would like to note the definition of the word “awesome”, which is ” charged with the grander and glory of a god- the magnificence of the almighty”, and not “We just got skittles-awesome!”]

My favorite holiday tradition is… to wait to decorate the Christmas tree until Christmas Eve, to give the children something to do.

One habit that I cannot break is… taking on more projects that I can handle.