AP testing to be administered in person

AP testing to be administered in person

Last year, the AP tests were taken at home by students as a result of an unbecoming pandemic mere months before the exams were supposed to take place. Still working through a pandemic, College Board has decided to allow individual schools to decide how the tests will be taken. The exam schedule for 2021 provides three testing dates for each subject between early May and mid-June. (Clarified through Administrations 1-3).

Hammonton High School has chosen Administration 1 for the AP students at school, meaning the test will be administered from May 3rd through May 17th. Students unable to attend school for various reasons can take the exam digitally, during the second (May 18th through May 28th) or the third testing session (June 1st through June 11th).

During a normal academic year, AP students spend their entire year preparing for these tests. As opposed to any other class, AP classes move at a faster pace; needing to get through much more content needed for the tests in May. Simply put, these classes are more difficult than others. These classes are college-level courses, aiming to prepare students for the workload and expectations college holds for them. This is why many students are doubting their ability to perform their best on this year’s exam.

AP Calculus AB teacher Mr.Wilson said one of the most difficult parts of teaching AP this year has been “the lack of interaction and instant feedback from students” usually being able to read students’ facial expressions and body language to tell if they are having a difficult time.

“The other big change is time. In a normal year, there’s not enough. This year I have been moving at lightning speed, much to the sorrow of my students.” Wilson said.

The class itself might be easier considering the teachers have had to lessen their workload to accommodate their students during this time. They aren’t able to do everything they normally do during a school year because they simply don’t have the time or resources to do their class according to plan. However, an easier AP class does nothing for students when they are expected to take the complete AP test. There is no doubt that most students will be able to complete the test to the best of their ability and still score extremely well, but the studying leading up to the exam might be more intense and stressful than usual.

This next month is crucial for students to assure they do well on the exam. But for students who thought this year was not the best to take an exam, there are other options.

HHS offers the ability for students to acquire college credits through articulation agreements with local institutions.  Read more about the Dual Credit option here.