Students react to Playland’s Castaway Cove fire


Nearing the end of January and early February news broke that the Ocean City, New Jersey boardwalk caught fire.

Playland’s Castaway Cove amusement park took a pretty huge hit with the arcade and some outdoor rides catching fire. Although, sources say that the park will rebuild and hopefully be open again before the beginning of summer this year.

Some students here at Hammonton High School were asked about how they felt about all this, considering a lot of students grew up going to this boardwalk as a child and still now.

Senior Nicole Boyd saus she is extremely sad because she grew up going on family vacations there.

“It was very sad because that was my childhood vacation spot and a very happy place to look back on.”

She hopes it will be back open in time for this summer and looks forward to creating more memories with her family and friends.

“I have spent multiple birthdays at the boardwalk there with friends and family,” stated freshman Anthony Alessandrine.

Sophomore Gianna Albertson said she is especially sad because she goes down to Ocean City every year.

“I go down there every year and I feel like it’s not going to be the same.” Albertson said. Although she is worried it won’t be like past years, she is excited to see them rebuild it.

“I was super upset to hear about what happened,” said senior McKenna Stoudt. Stoudt is looking forward to seeing what will come out of the re-build and is very excited for summer and to continue to spend her summers down the shore.

The owners of Castaway Cove released a statement on Facebook, saying, in part, “We struggle to comprehend this morning’s events and what will be of the next few months, but we can assure you this, we will rebuild.” Castaway Cove is said to be completely re-opened by Spring of 2021 and ready for upcoming summer!