Marching band performs in Parade of Nations


Some people think it’s difficult to play an instrument. Marching and playing one is even trickier. For the students who went on the band trip to Virginia Beach, marching in a parade is fun.

Hammonton High School band students and the middle school band director Tim White travelled to Virginia Beach from Thursday, April 24, to Sunday, April 27.

This four-day trip offered a short vacation for band students who dedicate many hours of practice to their music. On the the third day of the trip the band performed in a traditional military called the Parade of Nations. They performed a song titled “Anchor’s Aweigh.” Students were able to go to the beach the first day and third day. Even though the water was cool students still had fun time. The second day students went to Busch Gardens. On the last day students stopped at the Baltimore Harbor and visited the aquarium.

For many of the students, they have been looking forward to some of the places on the itinerary.

“I am most excited about going to Baltimore Harbor, and seeing the aquarium, ” said senior Rachel Schwab.

Others. however, were looking forward to taking a break from school in warmer temperatures, like Kaithlyn Atty.

“I am most excited about not being in school, and going to Busch Gardens,” she said