Manco and Manco Owner Charged With Tax Evasion

Manco and Manco Owner Charged With Tax Evasion

Who knew pizza came at such a price?

According to local media sources like NBC10 and The Press of Atlantic City, Charles and Mary Bangle, the owners of Manco and Manco Pizza in Ocean City, New Jersey, were arrested on charges of tax evasion. They allegedly failed to report nearly 1 million dollars in income taxes, and evaded 336,000 dollars. They were arrested  by IRS agents April 3rd, 2014. The two can face up to five years in prison if they are convicted. The pizzeria is a huge highlight of the Ocean City boardwalk during the summer. The pizza is famous throughout South Jersey and beyond. The possible closing , and the closing of the restaurants could put a dent in people’s vacation plans to Ocean City.

Students who have eaten there and love the pizza, are very disappointed.

Sophomore Lauren Koob, loves Manco and Manco pizza, and would not be happy if the pizzeria closed.

“I would be really upset if it closed because I’ve been going there since I was little. It’s a staple of the boardwalk in Ocean City,” she said.

Senior Sam Paulson said he would be indifferent about the pizzeria closing.

“I would be indifferent about it closing, but for someone who looks forward to eating there every Summer this could be pretty bad news. I do’t think that these charges to the owners reflect the integrity of the restaurant. Pizza is pizza,”  he said.

Freshman Diamond Moorhouse would be very upset if Manco and Manco closed.

“I would want to cry if they closed, that’s my favorite place to get pizza in Ocean City. It’s disappointing to see how greedy people can get,” she said.

Senior Dakota Blemings also want the pizzeria to remain open.

“I really hope they don’t close the restaurant. The owners are stupid for getting caught,” she said.

Sophomore Gianna Figeuroa would feel bad if it closed, stating “I’ve only eaten there once, but I remember that it tasted really good. I would feel bad for the people who look forward to it every time they go to Ocean City.”