Honors English 3 students see “A Christmas Carol”

Bah Humbug!

Scrooge made his way on a long journey from London to Philadelphia this past week to perform A Christmas Carol.

On Thursday December 12th, Mrs. Davidson’s class got to see A Christmas Carol, at Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia. Davidson’s Honors English 3 junior classes, who study British Literature, students got to Dickens’ classic performed live on stage.

Davidson explained how seeing the play helped students to see the vast differences in class in British Literature. She said that Dickens’ novel demonstrates the huge differences in class during the Victorian Era because Scrooge was very affluent, while Bob Cratchit’s family was very poor.

“My favorite part of the play was the portrayal of the ghost of Jacob Marley because the production made him appear violent and scary,” she said.

Students also enjoyed the trip.

“It was a great surprise that there was music because I didn’t expect this play to have it,” said Gabrielle Sceia.

Rachel Loomis enjoyed the seeing the three ghosts, but her favorite part the play was towards the end.

“My favorite part of the play was when Scrooge told the little girl to buy the giant turkey,” she said.

Tom Simpson also liked the portrayal of Jacob Marley with his chains.

“I liked the part when Scrooge reflected on his past with the first ghost,” he said.