Alumni Life: Meagan McFerren


Six years after graduating from HHS, Meagan McFerren gave us a look into her life since graduating. McFerren attended HHS from 2013-2017, during that time she was a part of The Nation Honors Society, and student council. McFerren was a part of the varsity track and field team, and Cross Country for all four years of high school. Currently McFerren graduated from Rowan with her M.A in higher Education.

What year did you graduate high school?
What clubs and/or sports were you involved in?
Cross Country/Winter Track & Field/Spring Track & Field, NHS/Student Council/Yearbook

What was your “plan” after high school? Did you stick to it?

I originally attended Rowan University with B.S. in Physics but graduated with a B.S. in Mathematics, so I changed career paths a little bit but still went to a 4-year institution. I recently just graduated with my M.A. in Higher Education which was not a part of my original plan but I am very grateful for the experience.

What have you been up to since high school?
I’ve been getting my bachelors and masters degrees at Rowan University and have been working for the school for the last 5 years.

If you could go back to your HS days and do some things differently, what would you do?

There isn’t too much I would do differently although I would have loved to take more elective-type courses such as an art, cooking or wood shop class.

What’s one thing you miss about HS?

My teachers and coaches. Although I have had many professors throughout college, I miss having those year-long experiences with one teacher.

What’s one thing you miss about HS?

There is plenty of time to decide your career path. Just because you choose one direction doesn’t mean you need to stick to it. Do what’s right for you. 🙂