The Wordle Craze

Three weeks ago, Hammonton High School’s students and staff alike have been enjoying a relatively new word game: Wordle

The game released in October last year and was developed by Josh Wardle. On January 31st, the game was acquired by the New York Post and since then has soared into popularity.

Wordle is essentially guessing the randomly selected word of the day. The words are limited to five letters and gives the player six guesses to figure it out. After each guess, the color of the letter tiles will change dependent on how close your guess is to the answer. Gray means the letter is not used in the word, yellow means the letter is in the word but in the wrong place, and green means the correct letter was used in the correct spot.

The Wordle resets every twenty four hours, making it a challenge to see how long someone can keep a streak going. The easiest way to identify a word (without a dictionary) is to guess words with vowels. Wordle becomes significantly easier when narrowing down a, e, i, o, and u.

Have you already completed the Wordle of the day? These are some Wordle spinoffs with their own unique topics: Worldle, Globle, Nerdle, Poeltl, Heardle, Gordle

Here is what Hammonton High School thinks about Wordle and its spinoffs.

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