Senior Trip: What Are Students Thinking?

During this Covid-19 pandemic, it led to students missing out on multiple things. For juniors and seniors, it effected them the most. Whether it dealt with junior/senior prom being cancelled or even the senior trip cancelled, it left students with nothing.

Luckily, so far the senior trip for Hammonton High School students is still on; but with the new rules and regulations are the seniors willing to go? Are they willing to pay for something that will lead them with limited available things to do? Will they decide to go on vacation separately from the school?

Some questions still have to be answered regarding some trip specifics. For instance, what guidelines are there? Will students have to get tested for Covid-19?

One thing that we do know is how many students are going. As of right now seventy-four students are attending the trip.

Senior Dave Humphries has a back-up plan in the event that the trip doesn’t end up happening.

“If senior trip gets cancelled, I’ll save a whole lot of money and still have just as much of a fun time.”

Senior TJ Beatty has another plan. Since there are more rules and regulations to going on the senior trip this year, he would rather just go on a vacation with his friends.

“I’m not really feeling the senior trip this year because I feel like I wouldn’t be the same as previous years. I’d rather go on a nice tropical vacation with my friends and also save more money.”

Due to the the chance of senior trip happening or not, students are faced with tough decisions. Whether it is them going on the senior trip, going on a different vacation, or even them faced with the problem of senior trip being cancelled and them being left with nothing.

Senior Tommy Dawson has already made up his mind about going on the senior trip. He has been waiting his whole life to enjoy it.

“There is no way I’m missing out on the senior trip. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this. If the trip gets cancelled I’ll be devastated because I have no back up plan and I’ll be left in the dust.”

No one really knows how things are going to go. Covid-19 caused a situation that people do not know how to deal with. Hopefully, everything will be situated and students will be left with answers.