21 Wishes for 2021

21 Wishes for 2021
  1. Kristin Adirzone (12)- For the senior class to be able to finish out the school year with normalcy and have all the end of the year activities
  2. Matt Grasso (12)- That I can have my senior baseball season
  3. Madi Mortelliti (12)- For life’s pieces to finally fall into place and rona to be gone so I can visit all my best friends at their colleges
  4. Brock Beebe (12)- To be able to work and have my own money
  5. Mia Bullaro (12)- To be in better shape and have more money than this year
  6. Nate Lugo (12)- To have good grades
  7. Luca Berenato (12)- To have a senior basketball season
  8. Michael Dogostino (12)- I wish that in 2021 I get accepted to a good college and thrive while I’m there
  9. Olivia Catania (12)- To have countless opportunities to make up for lost time during Covid. And to take advantage of each moment no matter the circumstance
  10. Dean Diaz (12)- To write my own movie
  11. Gabriella Gherardi (12)- For every single person to have something that makes them smile everyday, even if their world feels like it’s still falling apart
  12. Lois Berchie (12)- That everything will be back to normal
  13. Brenna Lamon (12)- That our world goes back to normal
  14. Gabrielle Abruzzese (12)- I hope we’re able to do all of the events at the end of senior year like prom, senior trip, and graduation in a safe way
  15. Joe Donio (11)- I want to kill a giant rack buck
  16. Ava Rodio (11)- That everything goes back to normal and there’s a vaccine for the Coronavirus
  17. Sofia Purvis (11)- To be out of the pandemic and just be living our normal lives like before
  18. Mary Monzo (10)- For school to go back to normal and for covid to be gone
  19. Kaylie Ranere (10)- That coronavirus will get better so we can have track
  20. Angelina Catania (9)- For people to be able to see each other’s point of view in different situations and for people to come together
  21. Grace Donio (9)- I hope everything goes back to normal and I am able to play indoor sports