Military Appreciation Month

Sarah Petters and Sophia Pfau


Getty Images

A military veteran salutes her American flag. The patriotic veteran wears a military uniform, and she faces the flag with honor and respect. The silhouette of the solider is shown against a red, white and blue flag background. There is a flag patch on the sleeve of the woman’s military uniform.

Daniel Mutko, reporter

The month of may is considered military appreciation month. Congress designated May as this month in 1999 to ensure that all active duty military personal as well as veterans receive the appreciation they deserve. With many military members past and present serving our nation and protecting our freedoms it is great there is a month to respect them. There are even military appreciation days in certain communities regardless of it not being a national holiday.

The reason for May being military appreciation month because many days in May mark past military achievements. These include victory in Europe day, Loyalty day, children of fallen patriots day, and the anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s death. Memorial day, military spouse appreciation day, and Armed forces day also occurs in May to remember and respect all that have and still give everything to ensure our countries freedoms.

In the month of may many businesses will give discounts to past or present military personnel to show respect and support. People across America will also celebrate days such as memorial day to give respect and remember those who have served. Many Americans lost their lives for America and many are still willing to give up theirs to ensure the safety of those who are home. To remember these sacrifices and honor the fallen is an important thing  as Americans can never forget how we got our freedoms and how we continue to receive these freedoms.

This month do something nice for a Veteran or an active duty member you may come upon. Whether it be a simple thanks for their service or buying them a coffee it goes a long way to show that they are appreciated. Even if it a military spouse or a parent a simple chat goes a long way to show appreciation for the sacrifice they and their loved ones make.