Trump Reveals List of the Future of the Republican Party


Nicholas Bonfiglio, Reporter

It has been less than two months since the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump left office and he is already preparing for future elections. After having many of his own party’s members turn on him and rally behind the unlawfully installed presidential fraud Joe Biden, he pledged that he would get his loyal base to vote out these “RINO” politicians from office and replace them with true America First politicians that more align with Trumpian Populism. On Monday Trump revealed a list of Republicans that he believes will be possible successors and the new face of the changing Republican Party. Here is who he chose:

Ron DeSantis

Ron Desantis is the current Republican governor of Florida and has continued to stand behind Trump since the election took place. He faced large amounts of criticism for his “hands off” approach to the COVID pandemic and his response to the riots that took place over the summer.

Despite these criticisms, he continues to have a high approval rating among Floridians of both parties, especially the Republicans. He currently ranks first place by a huge margin on surveys that asked Republicans who they would vote for in 2024 if Trump decides not to run again.

Ted Cruz

The Republican senator from Texas has had favorability among the Republican base sometime now and was expected to win the 2016 Republican primary election before Trump decided to run, putting him in second place.

On January 6th, 2021 Cruz attempted to lead an effort in Congress that would dispute election results in many key states that were accused of having illegal and fraudulent elections. He was one of six senators to vote for it and faced much backlash from the Biden-backing media because of it.

Many Republicans believe he would be a good presidential contender for 2024 because he would most likely do well among hispanic voters which trended heavily to Trump in 2020 as well as being the largest growing demographic.

Josh Hawley

The Republican senator from Missouri is another controversial figure as he was another senator that voted to dispute the elections in Arizona and Pennsylvania. Although he is popular among Republicans, there are many, especially on the left, that call for his resignation.

The main reason he is controversial especially nowadays is because many Democrat politicians accuse him of instigating the January 6th incident. At the capitol building a group of angry working class Trump supporters stormed the building, unhappy with Congress’ decision about the elections because they believed that they were fraudulent and illegally kicked out the one man in Washington who actually represented them.

Rand Paul

The Republican senator from Kentucky was a surprise to many, myself included. Although being a Republican, Paul, much like his father, identifies as a Libertarian politician. He disagrees with many of Trump’s policies however he also supports a lot of them such as being against foreign intervention.

Paul, sticking with his libertarian stance on many issues, is an anti establishment politician much like Trump just in a different way. Surprisingly Paul votes against the Republicans in the Senate more than any other Republican senator however it is mostly bills that pass 99-1 with Paul being the only opposition.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Sanders was the 31st White House press secretary serving under President Trump for two years and the third ever female to do so. She was a loyal defender of Trump since his original campaign and continued to do so throughout his entire presidency. She is currently a contender for the 2022 Arkansas governor race going against the current incumbent Asa Hutchinson.

Kristi Noem

The 33rd Governor of South Dakota was another shock to many of the Trump voter base as she was never seen in their eyes as a true America First politician. Much like DeSantis, she took a very hands off approach to the COVID scares and was vocal in her beliefs about the ineffectivity of masks.