Student appointed to national reading board


Nicolette Corma and Hailey Mazza

Junior Kay Schwika, has been chosen by to participate on their Teen Board for 2019. After filling out two rounds of applications and recommendation letters, she recently received news of her acceptance. The board is open to teen readers within the 50 states. She will help run the website, write blogs and book reviews, and much more.

Q: How did you hear about this opportunity?

Schwika: I’d never heard of it until Mrs. Altman introduced it. She knew my love of books and thought I’d be interested. I filled out the application online. A month later I got accepted into the second round. My recommendation letters were from Mrs. Ceraso and Mrs. Altman, and from there I got accepted.


Q:  What are your favorite genre of books?
Schwika: I love many things, but mainly fantasy, mystery, horror, and paranormal.”


Q:  How do you to find the books you read?
Schwika: I go to the library, I find some on the internet, and I also take recommendations from friends.


Q: Because you were chosen for this honor, what are the responsibilities you have?
Schwika: I get a book from different publishers each month. Usually about 1 or 2 per month, and I have to read it, talk about it, and review it. Per week I have about 1-3 books on average.


Q: When do you read?
Schwika: Whenever I can get into the storyline, so I do it everywhere when I have spare time.


Q: Has any particular book had an impact on you?
Schwika: A book called Speak. I was brought to tears. I’ve read it 3-4 times. Emotional impact is important in books for me.


Q:  What would you say to encourage others to read more? Why pick up a book?
Schwika: Reading creates another world using imagination. Television has all of the characters picked out for you. When you read you make it your own. Books show so much more than movies; they are so different it’s hard to compare.


Q:  What’s the best book that you’ve had to read for school?
Schwika: I love Shakespeare’s works. Great Expectations and The Great Gatsby are just some of my favorites.