Guide to Thanksgiving Football Games

Guide to Thanksgiving Football Games
12:30 Game

Thanksgiving Football is an American tradition that is over a century old. Dating back to the first ever thanksgiving NFL game in 1920, thanksgiving football is something that many Americans look forward to every year. This year there will be 3 games played throughout the day, one at 12:30, 4:30, and 8:20. This article will serve as your guide to all 3 thanksgiving games that will be taking place this year.

The first game that will begin the holiday is Packers vs Lions. The Packers will travel to Detroit to face their division rival, who they previously lost to at home 34-20. 


The Packers come into this game with a 4-6 record, coming off a home win vs Chargers in week 11. They have won 2 of their last 3 games, but with a 4-6 record are in an unlikely spot to make the playoffs. Their chances aren’t zero though, and a win vs the lions could completely change the trajectory of their season. 


The Lions come into this game with an impressive 8-2 record, which is just a half game behind the NFC leading Eagles. If they are able to win this game vs the Packers, they will basically guarantee themselves a playoff spot and keep themselves in the running for the 1st place playoff bye. 


Thanksgiving football is just as much an NFL tradition as it is a Detroit Lions tradition, as the Detroit Lions have played in every Thanksgiving football game since 1934. 

4:30 Game

The second game will be the Dallas Cowboys vs the Washington Commanders. The Cowboys and Commanders will play each other for the first time this season, and this game will be crucial for both teams.

The Commanders are coming off two bad losses vs the Giants in week 11 and the Seahawks in week 10. The Commanders were a 7.5 point favorite vs the 2-8 Giants, and losing to them was a devastating loss for their season. They are going to have to win Thursday in order to keep any hopes of playoffs alive. 


The Cowboys on the other hand are coming off a two game win streak, with a win over the Panthers in week 11 and a win over the Giants in week 10. They are sitting at a solid record of 7-3, but their rest of the schedule is extremely difficult. After week 12 their next 5 games are all against winning teams, so beating the Commanders as a 10.5 point favorite is crucial.


The Cowboys, like the lions, traditionally play on every Thanksgiving. They have played on all but 2 Thanksgivings since 1966, and they are 32-22 on the Holiday in franchise history.


8:20 Game

The final game on Thanksgiving will be the San Francisco 49ers vs the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks and 49ers are just a game apart in the standings, and this is closest in record of any of the teams playing each other on Thursday. 


The Seahawks go into this game with a 6-4 record, coming off a brutal loss to their division rival Rams. They were leading by 9 with just under 8 minutes left in the game, and gave up 10 unanswered points to lose the game 17-16.


The 49ers come into this game with a 2 game winning streak, with a win over the Buccaneers in week 11 and a win against the 7-3 Jaguars in week 10. They had recently acquired DE Chase Young at the trade deadline, who has already had a major impact on their defense after just 2 games with the team.


The 49ers and Seahawks are currently in a tight division race, with the 49ers having a one game lead at 7-3. The winner of the division will play their first playoff game at home, so there’s a lot at stake in the division race.