The Best Resources to Cram for the AP Exams

The Best Resources to Cram for the AP Exams

AP exam season is officially here with the very first exam taking place on May 1st. With exams just around the corner, now is the time for students to start cramming and doing their last-minute studying to make sure they are prepared to ace their exams. Whether you have been studying for months, or have to yet to start reviewing, the resources below can help you make the most out of the little time left before the exams are underway.

AP Daily– One of the best resources available comes straight from the College Board itself. Leading up to the exam, current AP teachers and AP test graders will be posting review videos on AP classrooms to help students go over topics they need a little more help with. These videos come straight from College Board, so they provide some of the most accurate and helpful reviews for students. To find the videos, head into your AP classroom and click on the review tab. There you’ll find current videos as well as videos from 2022 and 2021. Or click here to head straight to AP Central

Crack AP– Crack AP is a great resource for students to practice multiple-choice questions for any of their exams. The website provides multiple practice tests for each exam and can help provide realistic practice for students to get a feel for what the exam will really look like. The website also has relevant information about how AP scoring works and an overview of the advanced placement program. Click here to go straight to the practice tests– Next up is which has a wide variety of resources for students to utilize. The website provides students with in-depth study guides for each AP course, and students are able to sign up for free and try out the website risk-free. There are videos as well as practice tests for students to watch and take before their exams. can help you to focus on the topics you need to brush up on and maximize your time before exam day. Click here to head to their AP exam page

Advanced Placement YouTube– In addition to the resources located in the AP classroom, College Board also has a youtube channel where students can easily access playlists for each of their ap exams. The videos cover a wide range of topics including multiple-choice sections and free-response questions. These videos are great for when you just have a few minutes to study and want to make the most out of that time. You can find all the AP playlists here– Another great resource is the Albert website which provides comprehensive lists of the most important skills for each exam, study tips, as well as practice questions for students to practice with. The questions are broken down by unit so students can truly focus on their weakest skills and practice the areas they need the most review. Click here to head to the full list of ap exam reviews available

Khan Academy– Khan Academy is a great free resource for students to use in a variety of different ways. Khan Academy is completely free and has review videos and practice questions for each unit and topic covered over the year in an AP course. Students can hop on to practice a few questions at a time and take unit quizzes to make sure they have a good understanding of each individual unit. Click here to head to the Khan Academy home page