Let’s Compare: Dress Code


“Let’s Compare” is a recurring feature that identifies a project or policy at Hammonton High School and compares it to that of another local school. 

The dress code outlined in the Hammonton High School student handbook appears to focus more on how the students look in clothes than the actual specifications of the clothing itself. On the other hand,  the dress code of Overbrook High School, located in Pine Hill, which was originally designed as a uniform based design has since changed in 2021/2022.

The basic premise of both dress codes have similarities. For example, there cannot be many tears in jeans or other pieces of clothing. Students have no restrictions when it comes to the color of their clothing. Neither Hammonton nor Overbrook require uniforms.

However, there are notable differences.

The policy in Overbrook says nothing about the types of shirts the students have to wear, whereas the pants/shorts rule for Hammonton states that 3 inches from the center of the knee is appropriate for both guys and girls. Overbrook’s dress code, however, says that four inches above the knee is an acceptable length.

The HHS Student Handbook provides very specific standards for how shirts and the pants must look on the person wearing them. For example, it notes many times that an article of clothes must be “sized to fit.” However, this is subjective and up to the discretion of a school representative to judge. Three inches is three inches; “sized to fit” can vary dramatically depending on the student, their style, and the article of clothing itself.

Several items of Hammonton’s seem outdated. For instance, the code specifically bans pants that contain more than four pockets or shorts made with the brand “Spandex.” These hardly are policies that teachers or administrators seem focused on. Are they even relevant?

The handbook states that you can’t wear tank tops, no midriff, and the clothes have to be sized to fit. Since Overbrook use to be a uniformed school all theirs says is that the students don’t have to follow the color standard anyone, nor do they need to have collar. However, their handbook has a foot note that does state that if an official of the school believes that a student is dressed inappropriately for school.

Do you think our school needs to change?