How is journalism different this year compared to last year?

With the Coronavirus many things have changed this year compared to last year. Something you can really see a change at the school are the stories being put out by the kids in journalism this year to the pieces put out in the previous years.

When you look at the Devil’s Advocate’s stories last year to the stories this year there were a lot more video pieces than writing pieces whereas this school year the students have had to adapt to the rules of Covid.

With Covid guidelines trying to find time to talk to someone or interview them is much more difficult. In previous years there were many “man on the street” pieces. That means the crew would head out during lunch periods or in between classes to grab students real quick to ask them a quick question, this year we are unable to do that due to needing to remain 6 feet away.

There is also the factor that many students are going to school remotely from home so they aren’t in the building and aren’t steadily available for an interview when it would be needed.

Another thing that is different is usually the journalism class gets to go on a trip in the spring that many people look forward to. Sadly we are unable to take this trip this year but hopefully next year the students will be able to take a trip!